Jfrog and Sumologic Set Initial IPO Prices Amidst Wave of Interesting Private Rounds



There are new IPO filings from both Jay, frog and sumo logic to companies that filed in that great IPO wave of a few weeks back we have been tracking both companies impending debuts because we care a lot about them, their software companies, it's been venture capital money at play that puts them right in the very middle of what we care about here at tech rudge. So the news. To s a filings when it comes to developer focus J. Franck, it is going to target thirty seven dollars per share at the top end according to this initial range, of course, and could raise as much as four, hundred, ninety, two point, two, million dollars, and we did some very. Rough math this morning. So you know have the jobs. So in fact, check us but we believe could be worth as much as three point three, billion dollars at three seven dollars per share it not counting select shares reserved for its underwriting banks. Turned into sumo logic it will target twenty one dollars per share for an IPO that could be worth three, hundred, Fifty, seven, point, four, million. That's how much could raise in the debut and if you do all the math. It could be worth two point, one billion dollars again, not counting shares reserved for underwriters more of both of those to come on the site of course, but it's great to see those ideas moving forward making stores markets. It means we're not going to be bored for weeks. There's GonNa, be lots to talk about. So get excited

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