Loren Kopseng: Bird Strike at Night

There I Was...


Your recently chatting with Marc Baker. Offend of yours and you shared with him some pictures of. You had a bird strike in your beloved. Husky. So do you mind sharing that story with us? We're we're in what we doing how did it happen? We were hunting pheasants in southern South Dakota, a friend of mine, and we hundred up the other short October thirtieth. North here where we live. In five o'clock start to get dark probably five thirty and we got out of this hunting place. So we landed in. Fargo in the dark from southern South Dakota South Appear South Dakota gradually, the town Dallas, and I just came out of a farm. Land Right at this camp where we hunted and I came Outta there I'd feel that Pierre South Dakota way down. So I- plenty of fuel to get to Fargo North Dakota. Dropped my friend off in the dark refueled and started to Bismarck and it was. Also a night ceiling was like A. Twenty, five, hundred, three, thousand feet, which was fine and abused was okay. But my Husky that I had was via foreign the airplane I had replaced the attitude indicator with an electronic one with a decent. Attitude indicator and a ball. So it's basically. A little better than needle airspeed but not much but enough to fly at night if I had to. Actually cost of Fargo heading towards Bismarck North Dakota and I, could see occasionally I was getting a little bit of something. So I put my light on and. I was getting some snow and my airplane doesn't have PTO. Wasn't bad snow but I could see it in the lights and strobes. But I still like it visibility and I was blow the clouds and so I just put her long thirty five hundred feet. Fargo is nine hundred feet above sea level Bismarck in sixteen, Seventy Four. So I'm. Heading west from Fargo North excluded Bismarck North Dakota thirty five hundred feet so roughly fifteen hundred feet above the ground. You know. Easter Bismarck and I've just bad jomon happy trucking along my GPS is working I checked into bismarck approach control. I was squawking the code they gave me and you know just going home all of a sudden. Bo The windshield came in on me and my first reaction was. Airplanes. facture my shop. Why would the windshield break in on me and there was something covering my right I didn't know what it was my glasses. Were smashed my headset. Knocked off it went in the back seat. There was a tremendous amount of cold air hitting. He was about twenty degrees at night. And the bird that hit me I had no idea what it was really came through the front windshield high and took the roof out HUSKIES got plexiglas on the roof to trip that out and then it blew the left windows out. Don't know how but the left window system and yet the the bottom of the flap and cut yet and hit the tail. At, this point in my life I have to, you know bifocals readers so I could see anything. Looking down for a frequency and so lauren cannot partially there for a second. So you just flying back from a nice weekend hunting trip. It's at night snow in a little bit but visibility is good. Just a dark night I presume with overcast. But you're over pretty flat terrain out there North Dakota and it's interesting to me. You didn't hear a loud Bam or the first thing you notice was just your windshield caved in and for a few minutes it sounds like you had no idea why I didn't have any idea. What happened until I got it on the ground other than the windshield came in. I told you the approach control guys I found my headset backseat and cut it up and got it on and told I got a windshield and they were asking me if I wanted to emergency they were voted me about that and I'm trying to fly the airplane and they sure get to see on the ground and I don't Della -mergency please you know slummy fly this thing and so I was able to slow down slightly I didn't WanNa. Definitely wanted to get it on the ground quick but I had a good engine. It was running fine no vibration and control the airplane. I L runs and everything was working right and so I had to airplane from then on it was mainly. So cold in there, it took a big chunk of the top of the airplane out so. I had a tremendous airs, twenty degrees at night. so as immediately, really cold and swansdown helps some. But not much and So I had about twenty five miles to get it to where I live Bismarck. Fortunately, there wasn't any win that night they lit up of a runway for me to one which. Pretty much straight in. I was really glad to get it on the ground and glad they didn't have a serious crossman to deal with or anything else. But I was not able to switch over to our tower frequency or a ground control. But my friends were working in the tower they've been working with me for twenty five miles. And I sold my hey, I can't see that. The frequency. You GotTa land me on approach and taxi me on approach which they did Bismarck's relatively small community in and I knew the tower guy at that time. That was really about it. I got it on the ground and got it our hangar where we got some lights on it, and then I began to see what really happened.

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