Good victory last year against the Steelers in Pittsburgh.


Be better than those two guys last year and defensively, they got a great defensive unit. T. J. What Devin Bush. Now in your number to the Mikage Fitzpatrick trade was brilliant. Can Hayward one of the more underrated players in the National Football League? That is a defense? That is damn good? So even though their offense you don't love it With Ben. Now back in the fold. I actually think they're the third best team in the CIA. D'oh. Everyone says Kansas City and the Ravens after that. Go. Steelers in Tennessee. I go. Steelers Texans. I go Steelers. Brown's Igo steals your Steelers. The Pats, I go Steelers. Fillers or buffalo. I like the Steelers over the bills. You have buffaloed a good victory last year against the Steelers in Pittsburgh. So I just looked at After the Chiefs and the Ravens. He's got to think Who is that next team? I do think it's

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