Zombie Outbreak - burst 17


To an island because no human being will come to an island. Exactly I mean as at least an island of the I'm thinking like Hawaii. I would like to see Zombie that's just like cruising on a lot of boats. It was like what's up. He's like a smarter food to where like he's kind of friend here. He's got like a backwards hat. Even it's the cover up the hole in his head Zombie. Zeke Zeke is a punk near as Gold chains in a backwards hat. Yeah like money changed. He's like Kip on the dive. Right after rebates Fonda I kind of like he drives by in his little like skiing team. Yeah and he. He like he's thinking about it. He's thinking about it but he's also like me. Dombi he kinda like does like on the vote and then he's always like I'll get you but he does a got my eye on you. Yeah they just speeds away and but then sometimes like he'll bring us food and we're like should we trust this year not yeah And and sometimes he'll like tell us like riddles while I'm by his like why it. Has You know what goes. Up comes down age. Yeah he's like Dang it drives away Zombie. Obviously I like zombies Zeke so He's in the movie too. I hope he's he. He makes his occurrences throughout the whole thing. And then at the very end he finally has like. What are you matching like Hawaiian shirt? Oh I do like that. I wasn't but now I am well. Maybe like earlier in the in the movie. 'cause this is obviously going to be. Communists Office He's a punk. Any has is backwards ball cap right and he has like. I don't know what's like A. Do she team. Oh Does he has like a steelers Yeah there we go a steelers shirt on yeah and And that and that could be even like a Metaphor. Because he's he's keeps stealing our stuff. That's true steeler But then he gives you the do rag and that's the direct but that's the thing is like throughout the movie keeps kind of like leaving. Us stuff But then by the end of the movie. When we're finally on our honor luxurious island which can also maybe have a resort on Hawaii. Five Star Hotel. There you go. It's just like combining everything one Ship with a cruise ship like doctor. Right there yeah. Oh It's Great Baseball Stadium to actually. It's just a whole it's a whole cotton. Yeah really yeah. Greenlanders air which ones that Iceland Bad the very end when when he's gone kind of like a quarter of the movie without being seen like we don't know where. Zombie he finally shows up in his in his skibo. Yeah and he's he's wearing a Hawaiian shirt like a straw hat. Yeah Yeah and he has like a coconut ring. Yeah and he kind of does like a little like yeah and we're all like Oh zombies at the very end. He does like the idea. I still got my eye on you. That's the end. Yeah that's a very good movie and then there's a spin off show about them. Yeah definitely Dombi. Zeke show focuses on him and sometimes like he'll come visit us. Yeah we're guest stars. Yeah we're really guest stars man. I love it. I love everything about this Sowings was on music. Was on this. Join keys keys keys. Zombies Zeke were combining shaggy catchphrases. Join keys persinger. Zoecke as Zombie Voice. Like not a full blown. Zombie words. I love it I love him. He might be my favorite carry. We've ever made up on this Anyway peril too quick Zombie. Zinc Zeke saying Zeke zinc.

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