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President Trump Wants to have a smaller force in Iraq, reducing the number of troops from 5200 to 3000 and the president told the Fox News rundown podcast today. We don't necessarily have to be there and they all have an understanding and they will have been told that anything happens. We could be back so fast with the power that's far greater than we have right now. He also reacted to being nominated by a Norwegian law maker for the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize. Tremendous thing I think for a country we're trying to help the Middle East and is savoury difficult places. You know, we won't find out who wins that prize until next year. This year's prize will be handed out next one. That same law maker by the Way, nominated President Trump Back in 2018. Now. The president also has a new list of possible Supreme Court picks if he's reelected. The president says he's considering 20 more candidates for the high court, including two of his biggest supporters in the Senate Republicans Ted Cruz and Tom Cotton. He also called on his Democratic opponent to release a list of his potential nominees. Joe Biden has refused to release his list, perhaps because he knows the names. Are so extremely far left that they could never withstand public scrutiny. Biden has said he would pick a woman of color to serve on the Supreme Court. Rachel Sutherland Boxes. Biden campaigned in Michigan yesterday, pushing a buy America Make it in America plan to try to incentivize Mohr US manufacturing. Now today, President Trump goes to that state. He's tryingto win it like he did in 2016, vice presidential nominee, Kamala Harris Democrat will be in Florida, another battleground state on Wall Street. Futures. They're mixed down for the Dow up for the NASDAQ the day after a big rebound rally

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