Kitchen to deliver meals to first responders. There's


Firefighters day by getting meals delivered from Local restaurants in you know, maybe a half of the city's to Health care workers and first responders because we wanted to recognize the role that they have day in and day out of keeping us all safe, particularly during these crazy times of the pandemic, and that really was well received and effective and Operationally very smooth And so for 9 11 this year we're expanding that we're bringing that to scale in many cities around the country. Oh, and and it gives people it's another good deed, right? It's a great example of a good deed to say thank you to these people who are on the front lines for us, and at the same time, helping the much challenge local businesses that are restaurants, many of which are minority owned. Another focus of yours is getting presidential campaigns to suspend their campaigns on September 11th. You've made that call again this time around to both President Trump's campaign and former vice President Joe Biden is campaign explain why that's an important move for these candidates to make. We have there a question to both of those campaigns every four years. Since 2004. We have made that request of the major party candidates, and all have agreed During the course of all of these years. We we like them. You know, there are there are 364 other days of the year for typical campaigning And and and some of the wrangling that goes on and they use every one of them. Yeah, I guess they dio campaign season gets longer and longer. But We'd

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