Homers by Seager, Lewis Lift Seattle Mariners Past Rangers 4-3


Sports Parents try to make it a season I six straight wins and a serious sweep of the Rangers today, A T Mobile Park after a 43 when yet today featuring two two hits hits hits by by by by Kyle Kyle Kyle Kyle Seager, Seager, Seager, Seager, Ah Ah Ah Ah homerun homerun homerun homerun and and and and an an an an infield infield infield infield single single single single moving moving moving moving and and and and passed passed passed passed Jay Jay Jay Jay Buhner Buhner Buhner Buhner into into into into fourth fourth fourth fourth place place place place on on on on the the the the Mariners Mariners Mariners Mariners career career career career hit hit hit hit list. list. list. list. Skipper Skipper Skipper Skipper Scott Scott Scott Scott Service Service Service Service at at at at Cedars Cedars Cedars Cedars Season Season Season Season has has has has been been been been stellar. stellar. stellar. stellar. He's having a great year. Hey, really is we've seen Kyle have some Phenomenal years, maybe hit a ton of Homer's play. Great defense. He's done a little bit of everything this year on DH Way more consistent at the plate. You don't see that. You know the big swing. You know the up down. You know where he gets hot for 10 days and it cools off. A lot of that distributed to his approach and his ability to use the whole field more consistently on and that's a credit to him. Mariners try to make it six in a row today as they take on the Rangers in the finale of their four game, Siri's Marco Gonzalez will be on the mound. That game starts at 1 10.

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