Never Say Never (Feat: Latoya D of The Analog Girl Podcast)

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Start off making sure that we pay our respects we had two losses in the world we live. Every week, but we do pay respects every week actually and it's you know you find. The? First one is the Georgetown head coach. John Thompson. John Big Time Legend. If you if you grew up watching any sort of collegiate sport, but especially, like basketball like Georgetown. Is. Legendary. I was GONNA say I don't know no other coach to our. No Joyce have no other coach no. No. We don't like that. And he he if you wash alison documentary, you saw that was responsible he he's the one who helped Iverson Kinda give back. He's only who give him a chance after he got out of jail. So he's just a giant he's been called the real life Black Panther any such a giant in it's a loss. That's what they called him. I didn't some of airy. They call him the real life Black Panther and then obviously following him we have to pay our respects to Chadwick both men which is. Such a heavy loss such as such a heavy loss. I've been kind of at a loss for words for for the past few days to be perfectly honest. It's such A. Is. Such a heavy loss is such a hunch that no. And I think I think. What has been because I feel like we have had to deal with a lot of loss this year specifically but For whatever reason asset on instagram like I feel like I'm grieving Chadwick as we were friends and I'm not really sure what that's about but there is. Like a heaviness that comes with this particular. Untimely passing that, I can't seem to shake right. It's like every time I think about it it's just like, wow, I can't. I can't really believe that we're actually here talking about this right now. But like you said, it's the we will be praying. Very very much for the family of Thomson and also Chadwick's family and all of the people that were connected to close to those individuals and I mean, both of them had massive. Impacts on the world. Beyond their professions Kinda shows how when you walk in your purpose like. You know you can't be combined to just like one title like you're right the will. will carry on so I mean, it's just a it's just can't believe that we're saying is but. No I mean yeah it's. It's. It's. It's yeah. It was a gut punch. That was a good way of putting it. 'cause it was just so unexpected it was you know wh when nip. Win Win Kobe when it was just just we just weren't expecting these things and. Like you said no that he was sick. Yes. Nobody did not not even Ryan Kugler. Yeah. His team did his family. I just said a good job of keeping that under wraps for such a long time. So that had been such a team him he'll anybody. Yeah. I felt like his wife probably knew and that was. I don't feel like. I don't I don't know. Maybe that's just maybe that shows that I don't have any faith in people just like nobody had to know about this in order for it to take us all by surprise in this way but I could be wrong. That's just my speculation probably just had a super loyal like he kept a close to his heart clearly had. Probably just hang super loyal you know it'd be the same thing if if any of us were sick I, we've never leaked that you know what I'm saying like we would never tell the public that that would never leak out to the public you know something of that magnitude in any kind way. So he probably has a tight circle around him who? Held him down and respected his wishes now. And I'm glad that he got his wishes respected because so many people don't and you know just pray for his his loved ones and for all. I don't believe so not sit. I. Thought he had I did but I I've been I've been looking and I don't think they were any children and I believe he got married. Fairly recently, he was pretty private about his life so I feel like he got married. Yeah. Fairly recently in and he didn't have children and they said his wife and his close family were by him when he when he passed so. Can I ask your question yeah So how do you feel about like the kids holding figurines and crying on camera?

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