Short Stuff: Streisand Effect


Hey. Welcome. To The shortstop I'm Josh. There's chuck. There's babs this is short stuff. Let's go babs. Yeah. We talked about this at some point the streisand effect wherein when you try to cover something up online, all you do is draw more attention to it. Yeah and blows up in Your Face Aka backfires. Barbara. But I mean Barbara streisand isn't the first person to have something blow up interface or backfire when she tried to censor anything yet she got saddled with this term I think is just a little bit of Internet justice may be but at the very least, we should probably give a little background on what Barbara did to try to censor something in the first place on the Internet that drew the ire the ended up getting saddled with this wait a minute that was way too long for a shortstop chuck edit this out and start over. So in two thousand and three babs sued photographer. His name is Kenneth Adelman because she said I want you to delete this photo that you took from the sky that has my Malibu estate in it. She will you delete. And he said well, first of all, I was not paraiso. I was doing an online project tracking erosion on the coastline. Your House happened to be in it and this big environmental issue and she said, well, I don't care I'm going to sue you for fifty million dollars fifty million dollars. This guy is not. You know it's not sheldon Adelson Kenneth Ataman he doesn't have fifty million dollars. And she wasn't laying out in the nude. It was just her house. Right and again it was part of this project. So when it got out pretty quickly that Barbra, streisand was suing some some guy for fifty million dollars it got picked up by the news in a lot of attention was drawn to this. Previously fully overlooked thing which was the photo of her house on the Malibu coastline. Believe it had been downloaded six times in the entire history of that photographs existence in two of those times by her lawyer. But I think the number up quite a bit after word got out about the lawsuit is that not correct check? The streisand effect happened and it was downloaded close to a half million half a million times in the next month after this lawsuit came out and it prompted a blogger from dirt Tek name Michael Nick Tech who what I say dirt Tech Dirt Tech. The Hillbilly version. he labeled the streisand effect and it kind of took hold. Yeah. It did because it's catchy and everybody likes is but there's also something about her that everybody doesn't like to you know. emily loves her. There's nothing she doesn't like. Really. Since. Then she's a big fan of babs that the Christmas record plays on repeat. Existence record have you ever heard well I'm sure that the answer to this is, yes, have you ever heard That her duets with Berry give. Those are great. Okay. Yeah. I they're about as good as a duet kits and Barbra streisand's great on our own but I just think personally I get the impression that she's always been the kind who would sue just an average person for fifty million dollars. You know what? I mean. You've never heard her take on jingle bells I. Don't think. So which is bizarre because I've been on the planet for forty three years and I thought I've heard every Christmas song ever created around the world fifty. Million Times. Oh, you would know it. It's Chichi she changes it up a lot. Oh, I got here this. It's Jingle Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Jingle all the way hey. Why so Yes. Chuck, you just literally changed my life. Listening to it after this, you'll get a kick out of it. All right I definitely will you're probably GONNA WANNA throw your sound system out the window or you might think it's the best thing ever. It's it's one of the two. Okay. Maybe I'll just keep vacillating back and forth. All right. So strikes in effect happens she gets labeled or gets named after her. And are actually been studies on this kind of thing since then there was one in China in two thousand eighteen that found out that their attempts is a country to block access to facebook and twitter and other social media sites that people may not have been interested in had they not try to block it prompted millions of people to download VPN software just so they could get access to these sites. So it's the whole idea of the forbidden fruit. It's like that chief Whigham telling Ralph to stay out of his forbidden closet of mystery. Why are you so fascinated with whatever's in my forbidden closet mystery. That's definitely part of it. It's like if you're saying, no, you're not allowed to see this. You're basically saying do everything. You can to see what I'm trying to keep you from seeing and just like how how streisand's foot house photo it'll be downloaded six times prior to the lawsuit and then went up to four hundred and twenty thousand times right after That's just it's just part and parcel with it.

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