Some Plants That Give Red Color in the Fall


There are a great number of plant well, almost every plant has some sort of fall color. The ones that would give her read though starting with a fairly sizable vibe Burnham called Winter Third W. I n. t.. E. R. T. H.. U. R.. It's a maroon dark. Maroon Leaf. It has then what's called a droop fruita believe is correct and it's it's half the size of a grape and just about the color of a of a green purple grape. Fragrant SUPERMAC is Grollo Samak. I happen to have that around the base of a tree toughest nails it. It is putting up at the tree, the root system of the tree. Is a few weeds and keeps on keeping on. It has a good looking fall colored female spice Bush is bright yellow. Now, that's not going to be the color she's after, but we come then to common witch Hazel, which is again a little off of the the norm as far as getting into reds, but it's usually a rusty orange type of thing then well, June Berry or service Berry, and the reason is called both is that June berry the fruit has developed turns from green to bless green to more red to purple you have to fight the birds. Then it has a wonderful rusty red fall color in most cases. Father Guilt well, and there are many varieties of service berry from probably only head height who will. Six. Foot or so on up to about fifteen twenty feet then there's a plant called Father Guillot. SHRUB I have seen it whether it's a giant one, our standard when if you will. Ask for the Standard Planet is probably your best bet because the the big old fashioned one, I've seen. UNMANAGED period over it does I've seen it eight or more feet wide in probably eight feet tall. So it it and at the same time, I know where there are a dozen of them on each side of a major walkway into a business building facing south. Hot Dry miserable on sloped ground it still holds up and when it comes fall, it goes into red orange rid and when you're off, Oh, a hundred or more feet from that entrance almost looks like a fire burning on both sides of the entrance. A good one. There's another plant that goes into the burgundy color. There's a dwarf of it and a standard size. It is called it. It EA It has a white flower in the spring not unattractive but not real big and showy however in the fall all things being equal it's a very deep burgundy.

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