Trump demands reporter takes off his mask at press conference


Take it off the president of the United States telling a reported to take off his mask to ask a question. Then moments later applauding another reporter for not wearing one those exchanges part of a rambling nearly fifty minute press conference a press conference that was really more political rally a political rally in disguise or maybe not. so much of a disguise filled with wildly inaccurate statements including this one about the handling of the pandemic. We are. An absolute leader in every way. An absolute leader in every way, and that follows the president's tweets this morning which he claimed he's getting. Very high marks and our handling of the corona virus especially compared to other countries and areas of the world. Now compared to other countries, the US is leading in overall cases when it comes to getting the virus under control though when it comes to having a plan, not leading the president continues to focus on a vaccine one that isn't approved or even available. We're going to have a vaccine very soon. Maybe even before a very special date data, I'm talking about. Well we know what that date is. It's the election day and yes, everyone wants a vaccine but we're waiting on that we know what works masks and the president really still not advocating it. That's not an absolute leader. The country again is at a crossroads there's an opportunity here for the president he can lead he can put forth a plan to slow down the spread of the virus. And most importantly, he can follow that plan himself or he can continue to undermine the nation's top experts like he did today when he disparaged once again, one of the only tools that has been proven to stop the spread of the virus mask. It's something that could also save as many as one hundred, twenty, two, thousand lives by the end of this year according to one influential model. The president. The issue of what happened when you were. Cleaning you're going to have to take that office. You can take it off your your health feel your wed.. Well if you don't take it off year. Old So. If you would take it off, would be a lot easier. A lot lot better. It's better. Better. The president. As you see, they're trying really hard to get Jeff Mason to take off his mask. I'm going to speak with him in just a moment moments later though the president was praising another journalists for not wearing a mask. Space on some of your tweets Do you you sound so clear? As opposed to everybody else where they refuse. Jeff Mason Reuters, White House correspondent is out front Jeff. This of course is not the first time that the president has tried to get you to take your mask off during a press conference. Of course, just on Friday, he was telling all of us to wear masks over the holiday weekend. When he's asking you to take that mask off. Do you think it was really that he just couldn't hear you couldn't understand you or was there a different purpose there? It's a good question. I think he probably does have a little bit of trouble hearing and I think having had a microphone there. If the White House had set, one up might have helped but I my solution was just to speak a little bit louder. And I think that that took care of it. In that case, the fact that he ended up raising another colleague later, who didn't have a mask on though does go to the mixed messaging that this president has employed on masks throughout the pandemic he did start to embrace them more in the last month or two wearing one for the first time in public when he went to. A military hospital but certainly for the first several months of the pandemic that was not a standard for this president and as you noted in your introduction. It is very clear. The science is very clear now that wearing masks and have a a huge impact. Yeah it certainly is I was really struck today in watching this press conference. The president really seemed to be using this time to air variety of grievances and what's fascinating too is that this was happening, of course at the White House and yet there were a number of moments that felt like that airing of grievances was really more of a campaign rally. Yeah. I mean the the president didn't have any other events today for Labor Day while his opponent was out campaigning although he does have a robust campaign travel schedule coming up. So it's not that the president is planning to stay home but he did today and he used the backdrop of the white. House. As the setting for news conference in which as you say, he went off on on many different topics criticizing very sharply vice, President Joe, Biden, and Senator Comma Harris for their basically. Criticism of him on the vaccine and also taking off a number of other grievances with regard to the economy to Russia and to the Atlantic reporting about his alleged comments about US war dead is it your sense and even from your sources at the White House that we will be seeing more of this briefing miserable takes you back to the coronavirus briefings right? which eventually stopped as we know because of some of the statements that the president made but are we going to see more of these? Briefings that are really just a a rally in disguise well, those those corona virus briefing stopped and then they did restart again shorter versions in the White House press room This was not that particular model today since he was outside and it was not. One of the shorter briefings. But yeah, I think on the days that he does not campaign or isn't out traveling for the campaign he still wants to get his message across and he has used the White House and use the podium beat in the briefing room or be it today in front of the North Puerto Rico. Puerto. Rico as a place to get that message out and he starts with several minutes of his own. Comments and then take some questions and that's what he did today. To, get back to your question. Yeah I'm sure I'm sure we'll see that again.

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