11 Trivia Questions on Biggest Cities in States

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Biggest cities in states came. So I'm GonNa give you a state. And then you have to think about what is the most populated city in that state sometimes, it's the capital sometimes, it's not. So keep that in mind while you're trying to answer these were to jump into eleven of them right now. Here we go. All right. Guys. Here we go. Just tell me the most populated city in the state that I provide. Here's question number one Alabama. Number. One was Alabama number two is Connecticut. Number, three is Florida. What do you think is the most populated city in Florida number three. Number FOUR IS IDAHO IDAHO Number Five, we've got Kansas. Kansas. Number six is main. What is the most populated city in Maine? and. Number seven Maryland. Seven Maryland. Number Eight is Montana Lot of states that start with 'em number eight Montana. Number nine is Vermont Vermont. Number ten is Virginia Virginia. And the bonus question is tough on what is the most populated city in American Samoa what is the most populated city in American Samoa? Those are all of your states and areas that you had to try name the most populated city and will be right back in just a second with the correct answers. We are back with the answers to this round on populated cities and states. Let's see if you were able to figure all these out. Number One Alabama was Birmingham Birmingham Alabama number one Birmingham Alabama. And number two. We head Connecticut, which is Bridgeport Bridgeport Connecticut number two bridgeport. Number. Three was Florida and Jacksonville Jacksonville Jaguars down there number three Jacksonville. Number Four Idaho is Boise Boise. NUMBER FIVE KANSAS WICHITA WICHITA Number six main most populated city is Portland Portland Maine. Number Seven Maryland Baltimore Baltimore. Number. Eight most populated in Montana is billings. Montana

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