The Xbox Series S could have had a very different look

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Been able to get an xbox yet. No thank you bringing it up again. Really want. Either neither of you guys get one I should just try. To get it of course, she would. Then you could auction it off between. Two Thousand Dollars Mary Jo. Wanted to take pictures of it like it is plant in. Exeter, the S. E. Has. Sleep on it. That is something by the way, the a lot of people buying the S. For, some reason because it's Everyone wants the X. Right. All the cool kids get the s like because the s the cheap. One. I think some people are buying experts. One S is. By the way that definitely happened. Because really. The problem with this branding these these names and bass confusing when you see the Can Get. Lucky. On a different level though. So remember with xbox one, there were there was the original xbox one that was the s and the ex they were all xbox one consoles. So, what do you call consoles? There's a series s in a series act. So what's the name of the console? Generation? Right xbox series series. It's a terrible name. It's not a name I'm convinced that there are a lot of DADS out there. Who went out and bought it. Soon. Harmony and they saw the one s great. This is what junior wanted to go the accident. Got It at a crazy low price. They think they're geniuses way. Save GonNa. Tell, Christmas Day. I was going to be a problem. Yeah Anyway Is it expected Sony said they would this would happen that there will be another trunch of. Xbox and so you just keep your eye on these sites and I emailed Microsoft Unai told me that there would be more before the line good publicly. However, it's been interesting because I've seen other places quote him as saying we will have more at lunch. but they told me Berlin. So yeah, I actually, I put a dedicated Ethernet port in the wall for it. Yeah I'm serious. Screen again I painted. I have a home for you just come on. So he said, this is the xbox series confused. That means that would help. That's a weird problem but the branding I know why I mean s Synnex kind of map to the previous down like I get that part of it but but what generate they didn't they left out what generation this is. Very. Strange. Yeah. That's confusing I. Think it's

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