Donald Trump reportedly spent $70K to style his hair during 'The Apprentice'


The New York Times reported on Donald Trump's tax returns, one detail stood out too many. Trump claimed that he spent $70,000 on hairstyling for his reality, show The Apprentice and classified it as a business expense so that he could deduct it from his tax bill. And that made NPR's Tom Dreisbach wonder is that legal? When people get in trouble with the IRS. They might call a lawyer like Sam Brotman in San Diego. Could I just ask you have you ever dealt with a case with someone who claimed a haircut as a deduction? No, I haven't. We've had a lot of strange deductions in this firm without a car rentals trips to Vegas, but a hair beauty salon type of staff is very, very difficult to pass off. It's because it is illegal to claim a personal expense as a business expense. Still, the line between personal and business can be blurry. And over the years, people have tried to make the case to the IRS people like Richard Drake in the 19 sixties, Drake served in the Army and the Army required him to get a haircut every two weeks. So Drake figure that's a business expense, and he deducted 50 bucks for haircuts. The text court disagreed and found that expenses for everyday grooming are inherently personal, even for soldiers. It would have say You're a performer and you need to look or sound a certain way to get jobs like the actor Ned Sparks. You got a swell voice and a great personality. You're different. You got class that sparks in the movie the gold diggers of 1933. You might have heard that when he said the word class. There was a slight whistle. Will sparks heard it, too. And so we got dentures to fix it at tax time, he wrote off the cost of those dentures as a business expense. Because he said he'd lose jobs without fixing his teeth. But the court said it would be difficult to imagine anything more personal than a set of false teeth denied again. Courts of referenced both of those cases when judging whether people can write off hair care, and that brings us to Donald Trump in 2000 for while promoting the Apprentice, Trump said his hair care was actually pretty simple. You know what I do I take a shower, wash it. I then comb it. I then said it and then I spray it and it's good for the day. But Trump's taxes claim more went into the hair. In just a wash. Koman spray a lot more 70,000. Is that the number? That's the number that's a big number. And that's Jennifer blew in and accounting professor at the Wharton Business School, she says if Trump paid that money for his everyday look That is most likely illegal. But she says there may be an exception if the president was having his hair done right as he was on the set of the apprentice, pinning down the hair in a certain way to be on screen. Then that expense would be potentially deductible. That is, if Trump rather than the show paid for it.

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