Belichick reaches milestone as Patriots top Raiders 36-20


Everyone is time for the bonus episode postgame recap for Vegas Nation podcast. I'm your host Heidi Fang and I'm joined with our readers writers, Ed Greenie, Adam. Hill we're going to break down what happened here in the Raiders Lost Thirty six to twenty against the New England Patriots here Gillette Stadium in Foxborough at an ir up in the press box Adam back in Vegas a from my vantage point it was. A lot of mistakes made by the raiders, which is something you can't do against the bill belichick coach team. So we're GONNA get all into that here but I I want to remind everybody that we are brought to you by Salmon Ash, indeed visa and also favor. So make sure to subscribe wherever you're listening and what was your first take on what you saw out in the field today with the raiders. You're right. They did everything you can't do and win on the road or anywhere turn the ball over three times. Once rent on. Didn't protect car when they were driving. Me fumbled the Fumble Alina Game Matter Games already overby fumbled the end zone. In the second half, they just wore down defensively I actually done the first thirty minutes be interested at him. I think thought the first thirty minutes they played. As good. A defense as they haven't a while let's be honest. Thirteen points here cam help them a lot. He wasn't any third, but they were down on the second Apple Sikhism Derek. Carr in the offense couldn't stand field. He gave up two hundred and fifty yards total rushing late Sony Michelle when expert in its players per talking, you know these of League so they were down and they just couldn't match. Match up. So a bad game they printed everything you can do and what on the road so Adam how much in fact that these running bags like just through the defense offered their game because I don't think they were looking to contain the likes of three different running backs in this one I think they prepared to contain Cam Newton? What was your thoughts on the running game? I think I was definitely a part of it and I think there was definitely adjustments made. By the Patriots coaching staff because as as ED put out for the first half of the, Patriots were able to run the ball somewhat. But I thought a it wasn't. There wasn't those explosive plays. There wasn't those big plays downfield and it was a kind of picking up some yards here. They're moving the ball effectively but not really gashing the raiders defense and then. They figured out something in the run game after halftime and I'll be interested to find out the later in the week. Interested to get the the all twenty two film comes out like Tuesday. Look a little what happened but I think just at first glance without really looking into what they were doing on the line maybe differently. They definitely started to go to some more cutback plays where they I thought really were able to take advantage of some over pursuit of the writer side in particular from Jonathan Abram, who you know, we know what he can do. In terms just flying around offensively and having people would kind of sending a message for that defense but at the same time. You can use that aggression against him and I think the Patriots kind of figure that out a little bit and it really hit him with a big plays on a place where he got into the gap, he was near the bulk area but just couldn't make up Adams exactly right and and they're going to have to here's the thing about a player John Neighbor might think they love is aggressiveness in his hitting all that he's got a swagger Jim and I. Hate to say this, but sometimes, you just have to you have to balance that it's hard to tell a guy like that. Don't play this way but Adams wait we should for resod against Christian McCaffrey, over pursues too much when you take the battling new pursue Sunny Michelle Christian McCaffrey, they're gonNA come back will go so Yeah. They just didn't play the run wellness second atoms right they adjusted and you have to give Michelle credit like I said when you go For, an average of thirteen yards of Kerry and I don't know if he's ever average per carry more than seven in a games and you also have saved in job I am. But they did they didn't play offensively were out of rhythm Waller. We'll talk about that I know atoms writing thoughts. Darren WELLM was non factor when you get a lot of good at the bill Belgium at he talked about. How good daring waller as well. Guess what he must have died because they ran every defense coverage double team run in stem and stopped him. So atom I know you you wrote about this mean, what did you hear the game to her? How they? You know bottle up there wall I thought it was a group effort I. think that's what of expected to hear from the Patriots Bill. Belichick obviously didn't go into detail about what he did. I think it was just a lot of deception what they were doing offensively disguising it and Bella check pointed out. Hey, it wasn't somebody covering him necessarily a lot of zone. We played a lot of you know bracket coverage a lot of. Men under there was a lot of different things. Defensively. On Waller but I think it was more just about the looks of they're giving up the line and never letting the raiders. No. Before the play what kind of coverage is GonNa be on Waller? Want Credit Anybody I. Think mccourty would be the one that you would like added. Say. Devin mccourty that Dinnie. Tremendous job on him but it was a little bit of everybody kind of in the mixer.

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