Avoiding Weight Gain During Perimenopause and Menopause


Nutritional in. My name is birth. I must certified nutrition specialists and licensed nutritionist in the state of Minnesota, I'm the other Mike this morning I'm super excited to be here with my co host Joanne right out who is a registered and licensed Dietitian, and for the past five years, Joanne has been a teacher for our menopause survival seminar. She's helped many many women that are either in Peri menopause or menopause to get a handle on their weights or hot flashes or sleep shoes. Those are just to name a few symptoms that will be chatting about today. That's rate and good morning car is so good to be here with you again today. and yes, that's right. I always tell people I am of age to be helping people with menopause symptoms. 'cause I've certainly lived through a lot of them. So. What are some other menopause symptoms that women are concerned with and want help with certainly the weight hot flashes and sleep are definitely among the top issues. But there are other issues. Women don't want to discuss and one symptom I think about when when I'm getting to something, we don't want to discuss. With their doctor even, but it's very disturbing and uncomfortable and to them that is incontinence. So many women are struggling with this. So. Definitely. Something we can help with and then another distressing symptom is that w word wrinkles. Distressing topic. I actually think there's huge distressing w words. Wrinkles and weight gain. Yeah. For sure if we could get rid of the letter W, maybe we wouldn't have to be so concerned about wrinkles and weight gain when be great I'd be but really back to some serious questions and answers, it's been about one year since we have been able to offer our menopause survival seminar in house due to Code Nineteen but the good news is that people miss it they are getting. We're getting requests to offer it again and I think you have some good news about that. Yes that is so right and of course, we understand that most women prefer classes which they can take in person. And we do too. We love those discussions with women that we can have during the class, but because of social distancing and having to meet in small groups with shorter time limits because of because of covid nineteen, we decided to do the next best option. So we will be offering our menopause survival seminar via the Zoom format. So virtual class in a series of six one hour classes. The we've had some great new content, some new research. and Dr Lisa Carol. Melanie. And I've been working intensely to put together all of the information we taught in our in house format plus more. So. We plan to have this new series available by the middle of November. And I do have to say I will miss those discussions we got to have with women on this topic, but we will have an opportunity for questions and answers built into the format. So I'm very excited to be able to offer this class again. Well, Joanne. That's wonderful and I know nothing can replace that in person Camaraderie that you used to have with you know being together for like six and a half hours. however, this is just a wonderful replacement I'm sure people are grateful for this will be grateful for this opportunity in November right.

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