Debate commission promises changes after chaotic first face-off


Debates is promising some changes to ensure that the process is more constructive. The move comes after President Trump ran roughshod over Democratic rival Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News during Tuesday's debate in Cleveland. NPR's David Folkenflik has more Trump attacked Biden, his family and Wallace himself. Issues were often left on the sidelines. ABC is George Stephanopoulos called it the worst debate he's seen in his decades long life in politics and journalism. CNN's Jake Tapper called it a hot mess inside a Dumpster fire. CNN's Dana bash. Well, I probably can't repeat what she said live on the air unless I want NPR stations to incur huge fines. The commission says the debate quote made clear that additional structure should be added to the format to ensure a more orderly discussion of the issues, and it promised more tools from moderators to quote. Maintain order. Presumably, both candidates would have to agree, and Trump's campaign says that would move the goal posts and change the rules. Mid match. David

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