Moon tonight. Oh, is that okay? Your ukulele? Is it? Is it going to line up with the plans again tonight?


Postpone game due to Cove it but Major League Baseball announced that they're going to sell tickets. To the NLCS and the World Series, not the LCS, the National championship Series and the World Series, which are both played out yet because they're those they're in the same stadium in Texas. I think, yeah, you're right. It's weird, but it's I assume it's because the laws in Texas allow it in the laws in California Don't Because the CS I think is in San Diego. So yes. So that's where the Cardinals are playing right place. Yeah, they're going. They're gonna allow obviously a limited number. I think it's 11,000 tickets for that's the number. I have heard. So so baseball gonna sell tickets for the first time this year. That's what they're gonna be do that baseball going to be built tickets? Baseball gonna be do being a

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