Generate New Ideas By Contribution And Contradiction #1036



Reading an interesting book at the moment called thought leaders practice by Matt church scotstoun and 3 to cook and one of the sections in this book talks about how to generate ideas your ideas. And the way they talk about doing that is by adding your contribution or a contradiction to somebody else's ideas and they do that by a yes and or yes, but method so the yes and is the contribution did you take somebody else's idea that you've read or that you've seen in a video that you agree with? And you say well, yes, and here's another way to look at it or yes, and here's how it would apply to my business or yes. Here's how it might occur. To your business and in doing that you've essentially taken somebody else's idea added your spin or your interpretation of it and essentially generated your own idea on a subject matter. The other approach of course would be the yes, but which is the contradiction whereby you don't necessarily agree with what they've saying and so you say well, yes, but have you thought about the other side? Yes, but you can see that this yes, but have you applied it in this scenario? So both of those methods if you like the yes and or the yes, but is a way of you adding either your contribution or your contribution to somebody else's idea which is essentially creating a new idea and that idea is now yours and now you can become the thought leader in that particular area on that particular subject. So it's an interesting approach. There's some interesting stuff in this book. I'm only maybe a quarter way through it, but there is some interesting stuff. So I'll put a link to it in the comments below. I believe it's actually available free on their website I think dog. If you grab it from the website, so I'll put a link to the website for you to download go and check it out and see if you can start generating your own ideas by applying contradiction and or contribution. All right, that is it for today. I do thank you for your time and I will be back again tomorrow. So yeah.

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