Cyberpunk 2077 Head Responds to Crunch Controversy


Bloomberg, obtained an internal. Email showing that cyberpunk twenty, seventy, seven, developer, CD, project red told employees that six day work weeks would be mandatory ahead of the Games. November. Nineteenth release now, Studios Co founder Marcin Wenski had previously told to a Kotok who that the student would have a non obligatory crunch policy crunch meaning you know crunch time right? Everybody's working heart in the email. CD. Project red? Studio. Head Adam Dowse said quote. I know this is in direct opposition to what we've said about crunch he also added we've extended all other possible means of navigating the situation cyberpunk twenty, seventy seven was delayed from. April sixteenth to September seventeenth and then again to. November nineteenth and the big hangup here is crunches unknown quantity across the industry in a way. That's really a key right now, like middle last couple of years, it's all anybody wants to talk about from a sort of this industry is maturing. We need to do better at how we treat our our our employees maybe even accepting some unionization in a couple of cases which really doesn't exist in the games industry. A lot of these studios will release a gigantic two hundred person produced game, the cost millions to produce, and as soon as it hits the street even if it's wildly successful, they'll lay off almost that entire team. That's not unheard of in this particular case, we're not talking about that. We're talking about this sort of cramming toward the toward the end and a lot of people don't understand how it works in terms of why is there so much cramming toward the end of a video games product cycle, and that's a difficult answer because it's very complicated, but basically, it doesn't matter how. Many times you push your release. There's always something else to be done or do be at feature creep or something had to cut out entirely or well. We have an extra month. Now, we can maybe add this that adds new complications. So before you know it, you're in a situation where now we're really locked in on the November date where a year later than we planned to. Be, with multiple dates that have all been missed in between like at some point, we either have to do this now or we go another year and if they're going to do it now, then they gotta do all hands on deck. The big problem and the reason people are mad is that they came out and acted all progressive in this regard and said, look we're not. GonNa Force it we're not gonNA, make crunch part of our company culture anymore, and we're GONNA lead the way in that regard, and then this memo says, but maybe you're not right now 'cause we got a huge game release coming up and end it is we're all. So stoked for this game

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