RTEM: Week 9 Bets

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So this one is out west Atlanta minus seven at San Francisco forty four and a half points. Yeah two units Atlanta I know that they made a quarterback change in San Francisco unless something miraculously happened to Blaine Gabbert since the last time I saw him play football I'm going with the Atlanta Falcons seven on the road goes against a lot of things I believe in but I don't believe. In Blaine Gabbert I know that for sure two units on the Falcons. Let me use an analogy for this one you've got someone was a little inside information not that we'd ever really do this on some stock and you're taking your son to his friend's birthday party and everyone else in your inner circle gets the text gotta play by the Stock Five. But you're at your son's birthday party and your wife doesn't want you check all your tax betting. So you wait till you get home and everyone else has just bought the stock at five and it's now trading at seven and you just got around to reading your tax. That is this game. I agree with everything. Ross says. Gabbard stinks normally you fire the coach or the quarterback, the team responds, but I'm not so sure they're gonNA to respond here and even if they do that quarter, you've got another horrible quarterback but I should have had Atlanta modest five and now it's a land of minus seven and I just refused even though I agree with you and it's the only way I would look is towards Atlanta my experience has been that you don't win stock investing when you're the last one in and you don't win sports betting investing when you're the last one in too late I got a pass. Great Analogy Steve Moving on the giants minus two and a half at the. Tampa Bay bucks forty seven and a half points. Well. It's interesting about that. Forty seven is that last week the giants went over forty seven and a half as did their opponents and for good reason, the giants are dead nuts over team and Tampa bay their stats say they're in over team as well and they've played a schedule. This is despite playing schedule that included a lot of under teams along the way. Atlanta actually rolled up a whole bunch of yardage last week I'm sure Ross saw that. Lost three fumbles and they're over team as well. That game went under this game's not going to go under thirty percent chance of showers. No big deal no rain no heavy rain no heavy wind more importantly I think this is a shootout. I'm putting three units as my best bet on giants Tampa Bay over forty seven and a half and I'm GONNA put a on Tampa Bay themselves to go over twenty two and a half on their team total. Wow Interesting I. don't really understand why I mean I guess forty seven point five is pretty high, but I don't really understand it I. Think both teams are going to throw the ball a lot. They both have pretty garbage defenses. I'll put two units on the over as well which I think is that our first best bet, Brian, it is. I Rossi Denver broncos minus five at the Indianapolis Colts Forty four and a half points. So just watching these teams I would without. Hesitation put the money on Denver two units but then you look at it and you think ok well, Denver is coming off this big win on Sunday night football against the packers Blah Blah, Blah number one and number two the colts starting to shake things up they fire pep Hamilton, and then I think you know what I don't care. I'm still doing it but I'm GonNa make it one unit one unit on the broncos laying the five points. Their defense is that good I just don't see how the Colt score very many points one on the Broncos land the five. Defense is that good I agree. Same thing is lamb. This game is a carbon copy this line open three, and now it's up to five and probably close at five and a half or six and I wanna Bet Denver and I know peyton manning wants to stick it to Indianapolis and if he can play at any kind of level like he played last week with that great defense best in the NFL, they'll do so but he can't get over the fact that I should have been linked three in this game certainly three and a half and

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