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With me is our IPAD expert Scott Stein welcome Scott. So Scott we had you on right after that September apple than to show your impressions of all the announcements and the eighth Jan. ipad was not the most exciting product mentioned. You know we spent a little time talking about it but. You spent a few weeks with it. Has, your. Opinion Changed, are you what are you feeling about it now I think it's fine. I think it is not surprising IPAD. This is an IPAD that reminds me of last year's ipads because it practically is last year's ipads the the IPAD air twenty nineteen and the IPAD mini in two thousand nineteen had the same chip the IPAD air in this at the same Ram. It's basically that for less. There are some trade offs here that are tiny, but the IPAD air was more expensive. Now, that's now that's an all on the apple store. The IPAD mini is, but it's a tiny bump up in price. So you know three, hundred, twenty, nine dollars. This gets in at a much more affordable proposition, the the IPAD air that's coming. which is who knows when it probably in a couple of weeks is more expensive at starts at six hundred dollars. So it looks nicer. It looks like a less expensive pro. But I think when you're talking about almost doubling the price that. That really gets into a different territory for people. Yeah. Definitely. Anthony Twenty nine starting at three, twenty nine. It's obviously the most affordable option for someone looking for an IPAD. Ultimately for you who should be looking at this IPAD is primary option I. think if you just think of an I had something to have lying around check my email to look at shows to have one for your kid. This is that one if you don't care about step up bells and whistles, you don't want like a fancier toy. Not to call ipads toys I think they're very useful but I think that there is a point at which if you try to push an IPAD to become your everyday computer, you're going to have what you call pain points. You know you're going to have these difficulties that increase as you try to throw it out more. And I go to my laptop all the time because I need to. So that's the thing about the pro. He's got a lot of upsides that could be interesting, but you really have to map out whether that makes sense for you and if you WANNA think of it as like a fun thing for you but IPAD is totally perfect doing all that other stuff that being said. You know you got to bump up from the thirty two gigs of storage I think. That is too low an amount. For for what you'd be paying for this if you want it to last. Year's, and then you're talking about four twenty, nine Ri-, which slightly changes the equation a bit. He does you talked about our kids using this and a lot of kids obviously doing remote learning right now I've got a friend of mine who know he told me when he offered his kid a Mac, a choice between a Mac and ipad actually chose the IPAD. But isn't that really geared for remote learning for Education I think the older you get it's it's very nonsuited for it. You know we have a seven year old and eleven year old seven year old uses an ipad that we have around that. We use for remote learning it suitable. I think it's great. For eleven year old uses a chromebook and I think that's what you absolutely need for the types of. Work assignments you're doing your editing stuff, etc. Now ipads work with track pads, and so there's like on the entry level ipad they don't. It doesn't have this gets to accessories. Apple has beautiful but very expensive magic keyboard. That's like three hundred dollars. There are different accessories for this entry ipad. There's a Logitech Combo touch, which is still expensive one, hundred, fifty, dollar track pad keyboard I've been using with it. It's kind of like a surface with a kick stand. Type layout, but it's good for turning into a kind of a laptop but the point is that you can edit use a track pad. You'd be surprised at it can do more than you think, but some web apps some tools a google drive works well with it now but like some And you just don't know whether you get to that point where a problem especially with file storage file maintenance and chromebooks are weird too. But they're much more like web tool type based. Think the IPAD gets a little bit hotter with that. It, and then the I mean the big difference here as you said, it's identical lashes model. The big difference is the H. Wealth processor. How people differences that make you know I'm so used to seeing like. Standard. New I IPAD iphones. It doesn't feel particularly special, but I think it's necessary to get up to speed with. We're is going and we're going the processor was a couple of years old. It was feeling a little sluggish. They twelve is not like super zippy in comparison it's it's basically fine. It gets to the like very good fine point. So you know I could use an IPAD totally, but I think it's getting to the point where you might not be able to use it. So on the future and it gets to the point, I don't think you need to upgrade to this win -sarily. If you have an IPAD lying around, that's working fine you can probably keep using it.

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