Hey, the Niners are going to do it. I was watching that game.


A playoff spot right now, As of today, Giants or a half day Now that's passed me over the weekend. I figured the Giants I've been saying for days, either find nobody's making a move. He's making a move. Also, the Reds made a move. And then the Brewers won a couple. Yeah, the Giants or 20. 26. I think if the Reds I think or 27 27, there's some Giants. It's a makeup games this week, so we'll see. It's you know what If you try to map out the Giants play off route years, you're going to bang your head against the wall? Well, they they asked Longoria, I think about it on like Friday after the game I can't remember which day was and he was just a guy who really know where we are, which is that we have to get resident 7 20. It's hard to figure it out. Yes or no Right now. There's three teams of 500, the Reds, the Brewers and the Giants. Two of those teams are going to go. You want to see the Reds and the Dodgers, and that's not a serious that inspires nothing. Yeah, real hyped on that's you know, also your closet Red's guy, too. Not in a long time. Not since the Jason LaRue dates did you know they did get news that Aaron Autos out this week so coming into town? No, no. No wicked every little bit helps. We'll take a break anyway. Time to go time to get rolling on a tough morning show. Maybe here, guys with a striped Williams called it a heart breaking wind with all their losses called a sucky situation. That's part of it, So I'll say this before we get out. I was seeing this earlier that when you're in a game like that Seahawks game at the end of last season, like where they get the grey Green last stop at the goal line. Your emotions within the game are so high that when somebody gets hurt, you're like, Yeah, that's such. But we got to deal with that later. Like you've got to try to get this victory. Because this game got out of hand so early. All I was doing was sitting there thinking like, man, This is really gonna suck for the next couple of weeks without without both son without Ford, And with that it was Bozo was Moses. The main one heartbreaking one that would rip your heart out Crushed years old at the prime of his just physical condition. Young stop. Guys do that to the lab. Just yesterday. We was it Friday. The last thing on his body weight just can't We want to run Bosa sound every day for that. Uncle and the stoner drawl of a Bosa and Harry Gallows. Anyway, that's where we get started today. Today you're listening can be our came at them. San Francisco These sports later Murph in Mac on a Monday. Start Now, Good morning and welcome

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