We're going to see this cool air stay in place


AccuWeather four day forecast Here is a meteorologist John Feerick. We've got some chillier, chilly air in place across the region, and we're going to see this cool air stay in place right through Monday and then we'll start to warm up a little bit of mostly clear sky for tonight. Out of 48 in Midtown. Closer to 40 and a few suburbs, Sonny Cool again tomorrow. I 62 clear Chili Tomorrow night Total 48 sunshine for Monday Up to 65 little milder on Tuesday something partly cloudy. I 70 And then Wednesday and Thursday. Some sunshine both days back into the upper seventies, right now in central Park, 63 with sunshine will fall back to 48 tonight in Midtown Maggie Weather meteorologist John Ferric on New York's weather Station.

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