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1 20 our top story this hour. The body of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg will lie in repose of the Supreme Court this week with arrangements being made to allow for public viewing, despite the pandemic. Ginsburg's casket will be on public view Wednesday and Thursday under the Portico in front of the building, and a private ceremony will happen at the court on Wednesday morning. Much more on this story coming up at 1 31. Let's get insight now live from CBS News correspondent Stephen Portnoy. Stephen I mean things were heating up in Washington. It's not going to settle down anytime soon. Certainly not. I mean, the president said today he wants to see the Senate vote before the election six weeks from tomorrow on his pick, he says he's narrowed it down to four or five candidates will announce his choice by the end of this week, likely Friday or Saturday. Says he wants to give the opportunity for the better against her funeral to be completed. So will obviously we're on standby. All of Washington is for the announcement at the end of the week. There's a lot of speculation as to who are on that. Who's on that short list of four or five candidates over the weekend, The president offered praise for two of the top contenders rumored to be AH, short list. Amy Cockney Barrett of the seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the president said. She is very highly respected, and there's been a lot of talk in the recent days about Barbara logo, a judge on the 11th circuit court, the president called her on Saturday an extraordinary person, and he went out of his way to note that she is Hispanic. And from Florida to important issues. It is Fox News interview today, the president said he is likely to choose someone who is younger. Hey noted that one of the people on the short list is only 38 years old. The idea is, and he said that the Democrats heads would explode the Trump nominee on the court for many decades as long as 40 or even 50 years. Is there any belief that in spite of the explosive nature of this year, both sides really going at it? Is there any belief that the Senate is not going to get this done that they're not going to see the president's pick, whether it's before the election or shortly after it. Well, it's it's far too early to assess you know how the final vote's going to come out because really depends who the nominee is. But you take me in the face value and assuming that Democrats are going to oppose whoever the president was forward. If more than three Republican senators say that they're going to not allow a vote to take place in the period we're in right now, while essentially Donald Trump is a lame duck president. If he doesn't win reelection, especially well, then you know that in the Senate can't move forward. If all the Democrats stick together. That's why I think the president wants to see this dispense with before the election because he doesn't want this question hanging over him, And he perhaps may fear that he may may not win reelection, and then he'll have lost the opportunity so he wants This done? What's what's not clear at the moment is which side Tends to have a better advantage politically, if you have the nomination vote before the election, Perhaps the president believes he has more of an advantage because he will have achieved a victory for his supporters. And they will reward him by coming out in droves on election day on the other side of the coin. If you delay it until after the election, you might offer some breathing room to some of the senators who are in very tight races. Republican incumbents. And energized supporters to come out for them. But also you essentially one of energizing the opponents, and there's some people who believe political analysts believe that the advantage right now is what the Democrats that this whole question has engaged the Democratic base and really keep them into the idea that they had better vote.

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