Big Ten Reverses, Will Play Football In October


While a lot has happened particularly in College Football Roy the big ten announced that its Council of Presidents and Chancellors as voted to allow the League to play football in October the big ten will open its season on the weekend of October twenty four th with teams playing eight Games in eight weeks and a big. Ten Championship game then scheduled for December nineteenth and that would make the big ten eligible for the College Football playoff as the final CFP ranking announcement of the season is now set for December twentieth. Now keep that in mind as I. mentioned this, Missouri's count of players who will miss the team season opener against Alabama on September Twenty Six, do cove in nineteen protocols is now up to twelve. Now, not all twelve of necessarily tested for the corona virus. The SEC mandates a fourteen day quarantine for those who have been in prolonged close contact with someone who test positive. As you and I both know there are a lot of colleges under now having a problem. With the pandemic for their students on campus I, you know you and I both have the same feeling about this health comes first but. Are you know did they kind of get pushed in this meaning the big ten in the pack twelve? I think clearly they did I mean I don't. I mean first of all this reversal on replay review, right the first time we called play the fact ten. Commissioner. He said they weren't GonNa play and then he got a lot of pressure from everything from donors to coaches to elected officials himself they decided that they could. You. Know the their excuse is, I. Don't mean excuse in a negative way I just mean pivotal changes they say is that they now have better rapid testing and they can test the players more frequently and get the results back more quickly. Bottom line is that they changed their mind and I think there was a lot of pressure around revenues that they were losing from football and the fact that the SEC. Big Twelve. We're doing it I think that probably was as much as anything what I worry about his health of the players. It's very simple I'm not I'm I'm not against College football I love college football but I worry about the long term health effects on these players particularly hard inflammation, which is something we're just starting to learn about.

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