182: National League Baseball's Cleveland Spiders - With Eric Nusbaum - burst 16


Not cardinals fan I look I live in Chicago now. So I do have a rule against it in my house even consider that idea about being in cardinals but. I wonder how the perfect does legacy and the situation there is is or is not. A. Rooted in the system, there's ever been sort of any sort of. Acknowledgment and door more than that. I don't know I mean one interesting thing about. That is that soon after eight, hundred, nine, frank robots and castaway. Is Better Stanley took over the team then he passed away and then Frank's daughter. Helene became the owner and she became the first woman to own a major league franchise all the way back in the early nineteen hundreds. In. Saint Louis Cardinals, which is. A cool piece of history that wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the horrible Cleveland spiders. Yeah, that's interesting and I asked to sort of one sort of Lasta a part of all this to obviously the spiders you know tanking on purpose right also. Scared away a lot of teams from actually making it to Cleveland or having games being played in. CLEVELAND. Because of just the just the absolute.

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