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Welcome back to another edition of the Islamic Pittsburgh podcast. We are a podcast along with our sister podcast moving to live. The firmly believes in the ethos movement is a lifestyle, not just an activity I've said before some of our best guests come from recommendations or searching around in the Internet today's guest is actually coming because he searched out on the Internet and found me a couple of months back in sent me an email and said, hey, I've got this podcast making Pittsburgh healthy and I'd like to interview you for it and we did the interview will post that in the show links you can go listen to that podcast in IT'S A. Great, example of breaking. Down Knowledge Silos because there's so much knowledge out there. Sometimes, you don't know where to turn or sometimes you're just not aware of it. So I'm really happy day to be talking to Dr Aaron Tressler He is a chiropractic physician. He has a podcast her and as somebody who's on the north side of fifty. Also, what I think is great is he's taking the ethos movement is a lifestyle seriously because it fifty plus years of age won't let him share how old is if he wants not only is he a regular mover but he still plays rugby. So Dr. Tressler. Thanks for taking time to TALK TO FIT lab. About Movement and about your podcast to which I think is a great thing. Well, thanks for having me on the show. Ben. I love sharing my story and I love to hopefully inspire motivate people to get healthier whenever journey there on hopefully today after today's episode, they'll do a little bit more and have fun and like. I'm always curious as people who listen to fill out Pittsburgh. No one of my first questions I always ask every guest is are you a Pittsburgh native if so why are you still here if not what brought you to Pittsburgh? I am I grew up about forty five minutes east of Pittsburgh in the country and a went to slippery rock, my health and physical education specializing especially when. Back in nineteen, eighty seven and I moved West Palm Beach Florida get my teaching job when I was lived on there I began playing rugby there. I said they'll never come back. I said I have not coming back to the snow went to Chiropractic school in Georgia life and I chose that because it had the best rugby team. In any Brackley School, what are the best in the nation? And then after that, we had one daughter we my wife was pregnant with our second and I thought we gotta get we should get close to family so I did the trip back to Pittsburgh and I've been here ever since twenty six years here so and I love it it's it's great. So I'm always interested to hear when somebody does a career change into go from teaching to Chiropractic although I think you would agree that as a chiropractor you are teaching or educating it's just a different body but what was it at a? As a young teacher in high school or junior high school or elementary school says, okay I'm done with this. I'M GONNA. Go to chiropractic school. How did you find that path? It sounds crazy I I really believe God led my path the was orchestrating it. I didn't know at the time but I was Going back to slippery rock, they did a phenomenal job teaching. Physical Education is an education without her physical body. We have nothing that's how I look at it and. They so I, I graduated with the Palm Beach and It was looked at as like a gym teacher and remember parents saying to me once Did, you have to go to school to be a gym teacher and it just Just irked me. Teachers didn't understand the importance of integrating physical movement with the kids were they would say, Hey, the kids they didn't get their schoolwork that we're going to keep him out of your class to get their math at the wait a second. This is physical movement. This is just as important learning three plus three. So I had the best school in Jupiter Florida, a brand new school I was so frustrated I visited like university in Atlanta and I saw the rugby team and the rugby players me into just do it and you'll love it. It's great. I said, we're planning to get married my wife and I I said that let's do it. She said, okay. So I finished up my third year teaching got married. Atlanta Georgia playing rugby like two weeks later and I woke up thinking, how will you get here? So I love to I love Chiropractic I love integrating exercise movement nutrition lifestyle choices with the body and keeping his body healthy because it is absolutely incredible. I'm also always curious how people find out. There sports activities are the lifetime of movement where was it? You were first exposed to rugby from. What your age is, I. Know that that point in time in the late seventies early eighties a high school student. Rugby. Probably. Wasn't that comet I mean it's still common but I know there's a few teams in the Pittsburgh area. I. Never heard of it. I. Played Sports was a little kid by love football baseball and then going to slippery rock I didn't play their played intramural stuff and they talked about the rugby team I thought that's crazy. I am not playing rugby. You guys are saying when I moved to Florida my roommate. On the rugby team and I was playing softball for local church and I was the crazy I was diving into at second base diving for every ball. I'd leap filthy broken and this is a church league and they're looking me saying why you're doing this. If you'RE GONNA play all up. So my roommate talked me into visiting watching a game. So I went watch the game thinking that this is going to be brutally insane I. Loved it. I thought this is this is just what I want for pair spikes on a mouthpiece. The next Tuesday I was at practice and that was back in nineteen, eighty, eight of fifty. Four and I've been playing almost consistently several years off and on with the team Kinda folded up in that. Yeah. Fifty four still going strong. It's like celery shot shut me with some some rugby blood in my system and I can't get it up. My wife thinks I'm crazy but I think she's given up on trying to talk me out with this one.

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