The Key To Creating A Safe Space For Change #1025



Another great learning today from that book on organizational change brave new world by Erin dignam. Now once again, I'll put a link to that book in the comments below and in this book digman talks about the need to create a safe space for change and the Keta. That is to create a spice where short term goals can be put on hold in favor of long-term change because. One of the biggest inhibitors of change long term sustainable change is that people worried about their short term goals they worried about their immediate KPI's getting their bonuses, getting the promotions. All those things are based on short-term goals. So if you can create a space where short-term goals can be put on hold, then you much more likely to be able to create that safe space where. People are willing to have a go at creating long-term change and the reason I think that's particularly important right now is that many people short-term goals have kind of gone up in smoke anyway as a result of the current crisis. So if all those short term goals are on hold right now, maybe what you can be thinking about is how to implement some long term change so Those long term more sustainable more systematic changes that you're looking to implement maybe now's a good time to at least be discussing them because people have now forgotten about their short term goals could you not going to get that bindis this year anyway having a job this year that's a bonus or any that is it for today I do thank you time and we'll be back again tomorrow.

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