Mahmudr in the Geluk and Kagy Traditions

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Maybe we'll start with. Way Your interest in Mahamoud. Way Did that how did that come about? When was that? So since by had? I probably I got interested in Mahamoud per se early in Grad school or perhaps a little bit before that might regional interest in Buddhism back in high school days early in college was mostly in San and I always expected that would be the form of Buddhism than I ended up practicing but the as says avid my then girlfriend now wife and I ended up traveling overland India in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy, three into nineteen, seventy four, and then ended up at coupon monastery just outside. Katmandu where we studied where Rama Tipton yesterday in London Lumberton. And those famous co concourses which are still ongoing by merrily introductions allom Rim to the stages of the path of course. Llamas, OBA has a particular particularly in those days maybe a little. So I don't know He had a particular teaching style wary if you're at a month course, you could pretty much be sure that half the time was going to be spent in the lower rounds. So he did delight in. Those and Mama yesterday would, of course come in and remind us that we all had put a nature. So it was kind of A. Tough. Cop Nice cop routine and away. And you know he was he was a it was kind of overwhelming for me despite my interest. But as despite my having majored in religion in college and so forth. But. All the complication you know both the details of rim, how Karma works all the different realms, the scholastic arguments back and forth about beginning less mind an emptiness and so forth all of it was incredibly impressive. They were particularly impressive as practitioners as people who lived out what they had studied on what they were teaching but I I also began in in the few the few hours that were that I had hadn't disposal to to read. I think it was probably some poems by Miller wrap up where Branson book by John Blow Fouls, which just had a little bit of discussion. Mahmoud. and. The way the way I took it brightly. At times this reminds me a lot of ZAP it a bid, it short circuits all the detail, all the ritual, all the scholasticism. All those kinds of things that just tells you to realize the nature of your mind. So it appealed to me. Even that? Sort of a a hidden card. Yuba. Lurking inside this is fledgling gay look back. And I kept that in mind when. Year or so you're a half later I ended up graduate school at the University of Wisconsin, studying under shapes up SOPA. who was the first as far as I know the first Betton tenure at American University, certainly the first Tibetan guess. Who was tenured at American University and again to to study with guesses OPA both in the context of the graduate program that Wisconsin and at the deer park would a center as it's now called. Founded. In the mid seventies was too steep yourself in again are a great deal of the the complexity, the ritual, the richness, certainly of of the gaylord actual tradition and once again. The. Reading Mamo drawn decide what kind of balanced helped balance things out for me. So the number of the papers I wrote at Grad School, you know we're on the Mosit- as of India or or soccer punditocracy critiques of Mahamoud, draw various topics like that. So I, you know even in Grad school I I had this interest You know it sometimes said about Chinese practitioners. They're confusions during the day and Taoists. At Night I. Think a part of me that's was during the day and At night. Of course went when I began to discover that was that there was a whole Gaelic tradition of Mambo. I'd been vaguely aware of because it was a little translation that had come out at the library of Tibetan works in archives and. I read through that and So you know after I got Grad school sort of begun by my teaching career. I. Along with rank, of course, bring my dissertation into book form of pretty much everybody wants to do at some point are almost everybody wants to. Buy began to again sort of on the side begin to begin to investigate Gaylord Mabul dress, and so that's at least in terms of the genesis of this I. Guess That's That's how I would I would explain it. In a this dungeon have any. Teachers. Teaching. Mahmoud to you know you know during we went and saw on trump shays league. Once in Chicago he was notoriously late. He was typically drinking soccer when he was typically brilliant. So you know everything we had heard was true. And I think later in the seventies and into the eighties I began to to go occasionally to cognitive teacher but no, I did not have a regular. Teacher and I. I guess it's fair to say that I really never had a sort of regular teacher although in more recent years I've studied some weakening. European. Fortunately for us has his world had ordered in Minneapolis just. Just a few miles from where we live. So now, my my interest I mean I was interested in cognitive because if you're interested in mom will address even from the Gaylord stand going you clearly have to begin researching. Kogyo because. Even, some texts presents the. Is Fine Llamas. Book with. Alex. burs. The gala argue slash kagyu tradition of Mahamoud address. Implies that it's a kind of a sing credit tradition or a synthetic traditional might be a slightly better word So you and it's very clear that the first Panchen Lama who was one of the tutors of style on one of the truly great figures Gael history. He clearly was familiar with cargill literature and and it would seem with some Kogyo practices so. In my in the process of beginning to research, Ma Gala Mambo. Dry Inevitably had to begin reading at least a lot in In the calculator corresponded with scholars argue. Of various sorts Michael. Roy. David Jackson others. Of course the way these things work you you've you dig into you want your insulin gay look initially you dig into the cog you and then you get into the cockpit realize Oh God. All this comes from India and you've got to go back and look again at Sada. High and the other message you gotta look at the time. TRAS. Very, clearly, the textual a kind of sources for Mahmoud to discourse and behind that. Then of course, always these claims that there's a Sutra Mabul dry and so you begin digging around in sutures that may mention the word or may talk about ideas that are similar and so. I ended up going down this kind of rabbit, hole. That led me deeper and deeper back into Indian tradition and it started out as really odd. I'll do a few little translations and right any production suddenly was this Gargantuan projects that threatened to be about just about everything in. Indian. In Tibetan. Buddhism. Because in a weird way Mamo Dra, it was said, could be found everywhere in India, wants about bottles.

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