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De loaded today. That 403. Here's a look at your case. Y w traffic updates. Still tracking this crew on 95 south there in the left lane. Now they're just a little bit south of broad. They've only moved up about another 100 ft or so and stopped again by the guide rail. Just give him some space to push on over towards the right. Only a handful of cars working by it, So you're not gonna find any delay with this crew right now. 76 West University to the vine. You've got the left lane construction That's gonna be out for another couple of months while crews are working on the center concrete areas, Broad Street north bound ramp to 76 west that is closed as part of that long term corridor rehabilitation project also, 76 Easter's You're running up towards the Walt Whitman. You've got lane and speed restrictions in there. Laconia, Pelham IRA Bridge. Sidewalks are closed until early morning for overnight pedestrian used and Abed Salem Horizon Boulevard ramp to the Peter Bike that is closed as well. Your next update coming in less than 10 minutes. I'm Andie Anderson, a k Y W 24 hour Traffic center. So forget about home school. How about farm school in Arkansas Woman is living her dream after starting a preschool program that is based on farm life and nature. CBS News correspondent Jim Krystle, the seed

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