Wednesday 29 July - burst 03


All very wishful thinking right now, this is a learning process. We've never been in this situation. We really don't know how best to manage is. What we have to do is to make it up as we go along, learn from what works learn from what doesn't work, and then come up with a sensible and proportionate strategy, and I think probably what they've done. Done at this stage is a little bit knee-jerk because they didn't want to be criticized for. You've left the borders open, and now we've got a big upswing in the numbers of cases because politically you can see where this might go on you. You can see cases of rising in various European countries that are ahead of the UK in the de escalation of their lockdown. So Boris Johnson, the cabinet team probably have their eye on that thinking more. We got the same thing probably brewing here we. We will be criticized because we flagrantly left borders open from Ariza of

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