Well, when you look at the Houston Rockets today,


Beaten. When you look at the team like Boston who's loaded with talent. Toronto the championship DNA, You know, the Miami Heat loaded in Philadelphia, nothing. Those teams are mourning capable when you talk about talent matching up They have the ability, so I think the East is pretty much open, even though the box would be the favorite. And when you look at the West, I think you know I wouldn't want to be You know when you look at the Lakers and the Clippers It's not a shocking of either one of them lose now they'd be the favorite. But it's not a shock when you look at Dallas and and and and Houston, who has the offense to beat anybody when you look at Oklahoma City, the veteran leadership of Chris Call So it's and from the one seed and Portland happens to sneak up in there, if you mean a healthy Portland Trailblazers team with the dynamic backcourt and then talented Biggs I mean that that could be a nightmare matchup, So I think it's gonna be a wonderful time. Uh, come playoff time, And I think the match ups just like with boxing styles make fight is going to depend on if I'm from Houston. I don't want to face The clip is because the Clippers ability to defend the perimeter, but I'm Houston. I face anybody else, and I really would believe that we could be. Let's stay with the Rockets, then. So how do you feel Small ball is going to work in this bubble situation. Guys had time to rest. You think that's an advantage for them in the bubble? The reason why isn't advantage anywhere for them in today's game Mac into tested this if he played, you know there's teams that his Golden State Warriors team even though they were loaded offensively and they place mobile. There were

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