LEC Announces Sponsorship from Saudi Arabia's NEOM and Quickly Retracts

The Esports Minute


League of Legends European Championship or C. announced a sponsorship from meal a new futuristic city plan by Saudi. Arabia. Why is a city sponsoring in East sports event? You might ask a great question, but it definitely didn't go as planned because after a day of internal and external outcry riot announced, the sponsorship would be cancelled. So what is NEOM? It's a project from the Saudi, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salaam, whose goals to build a futuristic mega-city. They'll become a hub for tech in tourism on the coast of the red seat, the project is estimated to cost five, hundred billion dollars. The. Saudi crown prince is a controversial figure for a number of reasons in the West. The murder of Washington Post was Jomo. Kashogi is one of the most notable. The city is also controversial for the displacement of tribe about twenty thousand people currently live in the area of the plan city. The Saudi government has been accused of killing people who speak up about the plans for the new city. Finally. Saudi, Arabia's history of human rights issues. Especially, the people who identify as lgbtq stands in stark contrast to the pride themed logo and the company's statements on inclusivity. Many LGBTQ members of Right Games spoke out about how the sponsorship defies any stay admission to align with the. Lgbtq community that includes many of members of the ilise own commentating staff after a day of outcry which many people inside and outside of Right Games chastised the company for this decision. Right decided to remove the sponsorship. Still plenty of damage has been done a few days ago. Blast premier. A notable cs go competition also signed a sponsorship with NEOM as a recording that sponsorship is still in place.

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