Fast-Food Chains See Shifts Made During Pandemic Paying Off


Ozai, and he confirmed that McDonald's Is all in on investing in the the efficiency of drive thru locations, a number of which is a good you know you no indication of post pandemic recovery markets with a higher percentage of drive throughs are showing a quicker recovery. Yeah, it makes sense that restaurants are trying to, you know, cut those losses at food courts and other retail in environments and rely heavily on the foot traffic. Now the story goes on to say the McDonald's restaurant started opening inside the WalMart big box locations back in the early nineties during a period of growth for the fast food industry made a lot of sense. You've got a lot of people walking in and out the door. Yeah, let's share some space. It makes a lot of sense, but there's no drive thru McDonald's window at the Wal Mart, right, so they're getting rid of it. Yeah, that's what's working for people Right now. There's no doubt any drive throughs that you've done Atyour favorite restaurant. You probably noticed that the business the business is brisk. I've done P Terry's a few times to drive through a man. They have got it going on as far as the efficiency of that, speaking

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