MLB Postpones Miami Marlins Games Through Sunday Due To COVID-19 Outbreak; Philadelphia Phillies Will Not Play Until Friday


Tonight. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball Is facing some serious issues with the virus outbreak that is sick and half of the Miami Marlins team They league has suspended the bottom season through Sunday. The Philadelphia Phillies will be sidelined by the pandemic until Friday. Morpher maybe sees Todd and commissioner Rob Manfred feels confident baseball will be okay despite the fact that half the Marlins team is infected with covert 19. But MLB insider Jeff Passan on SportsCenter says the season just started. You've still got eight weeks of the season left. You've still got trips up and down the East Coast, the West Coast pass and says This is not The Marlins problem to think that this is going to be unique to only one club. Honestly, I think is frankly naive. Yankeesmanager Aaron Boone just wants to stay the course. If you're gonna have success on the baseball field this year is you're gonna have to be able to deal with the curve balls that Khun likely come on a daily and weekly basis. Dr. Anthony Fauci says This could put the

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