How To Build Wealth and Personal Freedom Fast with Andrew 'Cobra' Tate


To my understanding that you come from across the continents you're born in the United States grew up in England. You've been involved in chess from an early age, your world champion, kickboxer, and an entrepreneur in a number of very businesses. Do I have most of that? Pretty well, right. That's yeah. That's pretty much. Exactly correct. Yeah. Very businesses this and that, but they're all doing. Okay. So love to know a little bit more about your personal background I've invited you on the show to talk about wealth building and the tagline of radical personal finances that dual fold mandate of living well today while also building applying for financial freedom and I've observed that you seem to do both those things fairly well, you have a lifestyle that's intensely focused on freedom, but you've also done a pretty good job of living well today I see posts all over social media view supercars and and your girlfriends and. Traveling around the world with your boys. So how did you wind up? Where did you start and how did you wind up today? Tell us a little bit about your journey with wealth. Yes. So I am one of those people who always really wanted to be rich and I didn't want to be rich because of material things I've always been one of the people who didn't like listening to the rules I was always attracted to freedom and I learned at early age that freedom usually comes with money I mean shirl there's some rich people who are constrained by their money but if you do things right, you get the freedom. Money can certainly by a degree of freedom. So I was not raised in a rich family. My family was actually much more on the poor rent. So when they got the forest and social housing in the UK, my father was a professional chess player which doesn't pay much money at all. So I'm not from any kind of financial. Hereditary. There's no I didn't get any Any money within the family members died I wasn't taught anything about money from a young age. I was just always attracted to freedom. Delta's very attracted to for a long time. So I always wanted to be rich for as long as I can remember even though even though like most poor kids kind of sit and think all I want to be rich, I'll never be able to or whatever. I was one of those poor kids now goes okay. There's there's obviously a way to do it, and that's how I get a life full of freedom. So I'm going to find a way to do it so I was always motivated to have it. And that's it. Yeah and then I, I was fighting for a long time that never paid the bills. So I mean it paid the bills but never made me rich. So I had to start thinking of other things and you know one thing leads to another beer I am. So trace the journey with regard to wealth over with regard to your career your business. From my research sounds like you've been involved in a number of different things but your parents divorced when you were young moved into social housing with your mother and your siblings but then something happened whereas now you're traveling the world driving supercars living in a mansion in Romania Cetera. What was that pass through business for you? Okay. So by my financial story is quite short, really I went to. I. I was unhappy with school and the reason for this is pretty simple when I was growing up in America my parents are still together because I moving when they divorced when I was growing up in America, I was moved up three grades and I was playing a lot of my father was a chess grandmaster. I was on track to be chess grandmaster. I was playing chess scholastically with. The schools and I was Indiana state chess champ h five and doing chess. So when they split up my mother who's originally originally English, want to go back to her family in England I came to England and there was no chess in the schools. The British system is less ruthless than the American system. They don't like moving people upgrades they don't like you know really segment people by. It's far more of socialist. I guess you know we're all the same and I found school I found very, very boring. So I didn't try very hard. So by the time I graduated from school is sixteen my attendance rate had dropped to twenty, twenty, five percent average and the reason for that was simple. If I saw someone up to the gas station and Lamborghini. I didn't sit there and think he worked really hard school. I sat there and call he is either a drug dealer or he's broken the rules or there's some hack here he's pack the Matrix everyone goes to school has a Lamborghini. So to me school was absolutely a waste of time. That's what I believe to be. So I stopped going basically. I passed all my. Season B.'s even though I only twenty five percent attendance and my father were very mad and and even my teachers like you're capable of so much more you could have easily gone a but because you didn't come get it up. So I decided to go to college and try really hard to prove a point. So I went to college afterwards I studied business I studied. The four hardest a-levels is called New Kias physics math. Political. Science and. Business degree. I start studying them all and I did so well, it all of them that even though there was eight exams by my sixth exam by the time, it was over I already had as inevitable subject. So then they gave me some other advanced testing which I did very well, and and I offered a scholarship to university university in England. Much chimerical cost money if think big loan, etc etc.. So I was offered the scholarship to a business university and I came home told my mother and then tomorrow wasn't though So she she went crazy. She was like what? This is one hundred, thousand euros a free education. What are you going to do? What do you mean? You'RE NOT GONNA. Go you already messed up school and now you did so well in college and you're GonNa go what you do instead and I said I'm going to become a kickboxing world champion.

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