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We actually went to Walmart the other day. And we just Austin ran into China, walk without a mess and I'm like, what do you need doing? Just do it just where the? The stop them at the door give him a mass. Just where your mass to. Say. About that process. But my point, I'm trying to say some timeout the NFL. The NFL has pushed the opt out period to Thursday at four PM. Now, it was obvious. It was actually a pushed up to Tuesday or Wednesday. And then according from, Patriots, came out and said. Privilege called the NFL rushing us to do this. This is the thing. The NFL is a business. Okay. The NFL is just trying to figure out who is it? WHO's not? And I'm less and I get when this first came out I'm thinking myself. What the heck is the NFL doing they are making these guys decide. Obviously there's been so many players show fight about deller forty, three, forty, five players have opted out of the season so far eight from the New England patriots. So I, understand what according to saying, why forcing us to do this Today. This is business. A have guidelines in place at the facilities at the buildings that were at the compounds to make sure. To try Insures excuse me. That, we are minimizing positive tests that if everyone does their part. We should not have any more tests. Positive cases but some players still do do or do not feel safe Patrick Mahomes came out and said, he feels a lot better with what the NFL is put in place. Obviously his name, his opinion can carry a lot of weight. For other players. But there are still plays out there saying forget it. I'm not GONNA do it. And now with the deadline? At four PM. Is Actually what I'm very curious about. What. Happens if someone does after the this deadline do they face? Permits. Do they actually just say we're not GONNA pay your one fifty. Is that what happens? As of right now, I'm not seeing anything on there.

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