Dogs Can Sniff Out Coronavirus Infections, German Study Shows


Kicking off today with some potentially positive covid nineteen news from our canine friends. Dogs being trained, to sniff out. Drugs, weapons, and diseases like malaria, and even cancer is nothing new, but a new study shows that when trained dogs are able to sniff out code in Nineteen infections, quoting CNBC a new study, which was piloted by the University of Veterinary Medicine Hanover the handover medical school in the German armed. Forces found that if properly trained dogs were able to discriminate between human saliva samples infected with SARS COV to and non infected samples with a ninety four percent success rate overall, the hope is this method of detection could be one day used in public. Such, as airports, sporting events and other mass gatherings in addition to laboratory testing to help prevent future covid, nineteen outbreaks, according to researchers and quotes. The study was conducted using eight dogs from Germany's armed forces. They were trained for a week, using thousand samples of both infected and uninfected saliva, also neither of the researchers, nor the dog handlers new, which was which. Marin because black widow, who conducted the study says the dogs can probably detect folic change which occurs when a person is infected the one issue, the dogs apparently can't differentiate Kovic nineteen from other diseases like influenza yet, but the research team says that is the next step and the Hannover Medical School in Germany aren't the only ones conducting trials on trained dogs. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine are also training and studying dogs to see if they could detect covid nineteen from person's body odor, which they say is altered by respiratory disease, and as for the canines welfare quoting CNN. Dogs are known to be. Be Able to contract cove nineteen, but there is no evidence that the virus can spread from dogs to humans, the team, medical detection, dogs or sure CNN that the dogs are well looked after and will be kept safe from infection, our dogs we trained on a dead virus, and then have no contact with the individuals. They're screening, but will sniff the air around. The person says representative Jimmy Butler and the dogs will only be permitted to be touched by the handler, which therefore means there will be very low risk of spread of the virus from the dog to their handler or to the people they live with and quotes. While this might not replace the uncomfortable diagnostic tests it could, certainly as the article said be a boon for public spaces where you need to test large numbers of people instantaneously and where fever scanners would only catch symptomatic. Assuming that is that the dogs could sniff out positive infections in a symptomatic. So, we'll have to see how accurately the dogs can be trained, but sounds like a promising solution so

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