Washington, D.C. pastor tests positive for coronavirus, as health officials struggle to stop its spread


Pastor tests positive for Corona virus as health officials struggled to stop its spread the pastor of a Catholic church on Capitol Hill, who had urged people not to cower in fear off the novel, Corona virus has contracting the disease that it causes, prompting DC health officials officials to to to tell tell tell about about about 250 250 250 staff staff staff and and and parishioners. parishioners. parishioners. To To To self self quarantine quarantine for for two two weeks. weeks. Monsignor Monsignor Charles Charles Pope Pope ofthe ofthe Holy Holy Comforters, Comforters, Saint, Slippery and Catholic Church on East Capitol Street, was admitted to the hospital on Monday after experiencing AH high fever. He tested positive for Corona virus after a rapid diagnostic test. On Friday, the DC Health Department issued a letter saying additional individuals have been identified as having been exposed to the virus.

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