Relief Package Deal Remains Elusive as Impasse Over Jobless Benefits Persists


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and top Trump Administration officials are back in negotiations today on a new Corona virus relief package. Pandemic enhanced unemployment benefits expired last night, and NPR's Windsor Johnston reports, Democrats and Republicans are still far from a deal. Lawmakers remain at odds on numerous provisions of the relief bill, including what if anything, will replace the $600 a week and extra jobless benefits. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is blasting Republicans for wanting toe lower that amount moving forward. They've offered 200 But the $600 is essential in the lives of these families, and they question well, Maybe somebody staying home making more money than they will know why Don'tyou subject those high rollers that same scrutiny as to whether that money was justified. The White House has suggested that it's willing to extend the extra benefits short term, but it hasn't been able to reach an agreement with fellow Republicans. Windsor Johnston. NPR NEWS

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