Strongest winds since Sandy could bring widespread outages


Store store is is is raising raising raising raising up up up up the the the the coast coast coast coast with with with with nearly nearly nearly nearly two two two two million million million million customers customers customers customers out out out out of of of of power power power power from from from from the the the the Carolinas Carolinas Carolinas Carolinas on on on on up and bringing the strongest winds to New York City since Superstorm Sandy. Nearly seven years ago. ABC is Aaron Carter Ski has More science introduces itself to New York City and surrounding suburbs with rain and wind. This may no longer be a coastal storm after it came ashore near the North Carolina South Carolina state line, But you can still feel it here at the beach. The storm has pushed inland and it's spawning tornadoes in and around New Jersey in New York, when Gus were clocked at LaGuardia Airport at 60 miles per hour

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