Dan OConnell & James Ellison


The city of Hudson is nestled in Far West Wisconsin estate famous obeying America's Dairyland, jude towards production of cheese, milk and ice cream. Separated from the state of Minnesota by the Saint Croix River Hudson is a small scenic city characterized by historic architecture, leafy parks and a wide offering outdoor attractions including walking tracks, water sports, rock climbing, and came in. But the year two, thousand, two, the city was harm to a close knit community of Iran six, thousand residents and was. As a safe place to live. vol On crime was well below the national average and murder hadn't been committed in the area for twenty four years. Dearly funeral climbing Hudson was a sprawling single story brick and whether board building owned by local resident Tomo Connell, his family had lived in the area FA generations. Tones. Uncle had earned an undertaking business in town prior to world, War Two and in nineteen ninety, five Tom decided to relaunch the family business. He opened the O'CONNELL Vanity Funeral Harm at five twenty eleventh straight a quiet trae laundry road close to downtown district. Two of his sons mark and. Eventually began working alongside him. Dan had initially trained as an emergency medical technician, but was happy to follow in his father's footsteps by switching to a career in mortuary. Science. In Nineteen Ninety, eight, he quit. He's Am Tae work to concentrate on the family business fulltime. Dan was a dedicated worker known for putting the needs of others ahead of design, and for always taking on to comfort the grieving relatives who attended the funeral home. Married with two young children, Dan had a reputation as a dedicated family man who was eager to give back to his community. He spent tireless hours working to better. He's time town by serving on several local committees and raising funds for various organizations. As a result, Dan was well known and liked by other. Hudson locals. Dea conal family funeral I'm also off the trainee positions to mortuary science students who were completing studies. One such trae was twenty two year old James Ellison who had quickly proved himself to be a valuable employees. James had grown up with these parents and two siblings in the rural town of Baron located about sixty eight miles north east of Hudson. Hey was friendly and well locked with a range of interests that included Gulf music and church activities. During hough school James had played in the school band and was active in not for profit youth organization for HEY Jr.. He. Later, enrolled to study mortuary science at the University of Minnesota where he took his career path very seriously. Friendly Polite and organized James took great pride in his trae work on one occasion remarking. I'm so proud that can help people in the worst time of their lives. James was Ju- TO GRADUATE FROM UNIVERSITY in May of two thousand and two, and it was anticipated that the O'CONNELL's would then offer him a fulltime job. In the early afternoon of day February five, two thousand to Saint Croix. County Medical Officer Mati Klin headed to the O'CONNELL family funeral home to conduct a retain visit. Gee to the requirements of his job, he was well acquainted with the O'CONNELL's, and on this occasion, he needed Dan to sign a death certificate. Mahdi arrived at one forty PM and immediately made his way to Dan's office, which was located towards the back of the building.

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