Motherhood in a Pandemic with Tanya Moodie

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Tennis about your family my mom and Dad. Both. In Ottawa in Canada, that's where I was boon. and my step dad as well. He's glorious. He's been my mom now for like thirty years. So he's very much a family and and then my brothers in Toronto he's an actress well, producer director and a creator and his what's in my brother's named Andrew and his wife's name is Tanna spelt the same way wow. So are they to ten meetings? There are two Chinese, and my partner's name is Andrew. Hang on. Boo. Hello. About two nieces over there in Toronto and then so my family here I've got a twelve year old girl named willow. And that's it. Excellent. Your twelve yard is just started year seven. Finishing. Because you've, you've got one on the way. Yes. I have just got a daughter in your six and we just had like the zoom. Deputy head. Of School and so we are just entering the kind of whole mine change. Our Periods come. Online David. It's really. Out of biggest the yeah I am too bracing myself because all the whole thing like she's been fairly hippie south London local primary school. Uniforms and all sorts of serious. Big. Thing. How's your first year being I mean it's been weird obviously and yes in a cupboard but. I have to say I'm one of the lucky parents in that. If she was a younger, I would have had to be dealing with homeschooling in an active way what I mean six actually the curriculum in your six is very hard for them. Obviously, it's straightforward because led up to it but if you're going to ask I mean I can't even do kind of long division. Wants me to help with something and I'm like. Well this is how I did today in nineteen. Seventy. Spending. Here's a calculator. By hand. And then it would have had to be way more hands on. Whereas the seven will I have found? It could just be a terrible ma'am. I do admit that. It could just be because I'm a very bad person but I basically done nothing. That sounds Dreamy I've done nothing. She's been in her room. Doing actual classes they have to sign in on zoom every morning at eight thirty, eight, forty, five. Yeah they do the full schedule of classes on say wow. And she has breaks they even do pe. She's got two room. She got my Yoga Mat. She's the whole Shebang but from home. And we still have the report cards and everything. So she's kept up. Wow and I just stood back and you can just like stop smoking the garden having been. Doing. I kissing by the garden shared. A room like she's. If you tips for the transition surviving the transition well I think I had to make sure I didn't get. Involved or helicopter around her social life because for me when I realized, it was that the most important thing is that socially she feels anchored. Yeah. All this concern about. This class that class her grades teaching did it, and actually at that stage is entirely secondary. It's about her making friends because that's the only thing for my daughter that she was concerned about. Her nerves came from. Will I make any friends because you didn't know anybody at hunters to to you know what I mean. And so I got on board with her to just focus on that and not be don't talk about. Other stuff. Parents would that we would get on the kiss in a twist about. The sleepless night. Yeah it's my business. So she'd be like, Oh, I want make Koshi. Will up he? Didn't. Give, confidence in the of the first day meeting and she went to school in the first week with a stinking cold. So she was a bit kind of glassy-eyed anyway she's patient zero. I think. It's nice. To know where we'd have. Yeah. So actually that was a bit of it ended up being a bit of an openness to meet some people could be sputtering away and go to are you? Okay she went no, I'm dying apparently made them laugh. You Bronte sisters.

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