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And today I am here with Isaac Morehouse who is the founder of praxis and also crash dot co a welcome Isaac. Thank you so much for joining me today. Absolutely. It's great to be here. So, I have been I, guess following your excellent work in the world for several years and I am so inspired by what you say your mission in life is your purpose, which is the relentless pursuit of freedom. And so. As I watched. Some of your videos you talked about how you started early in your career really teaching principles of freedom to young people. But where you are today is rather than just share ideas. You really giving people a taste of freedom so they won't settle for anything less. So yeah. That's exactly a good way to to frame it out Because I'm a big ideas person and obviously freedom is it's an idea but it's it's really a lived experience. It's a feeling you have and I. I spent a lot of years. Trying to through just argumentation and education. Trying to expand the scope of freedom after myself and for others you know trying to argue for freer government policy is in, you know people that took to make choices to make themselves more free in their lives and. I. Found that it's really hard to envision. What you have to know what could be you have to have a bit of a taste of it in order to be motivated enough to make a change. So there's my favorite economists Ludwig von me says, there's three preconditions to human action. One is dissatisfaction with the status quo to is vision of something better, and three is a belief in the ability to get there and I find that whether you're talking about education, which is a space I've been in a lot or just any other career government, any areas of life it's not that hard for people to feel dissatisfaction discomfort with where they are. Of Vision of something better is a little harder, it's a little harder to be and I know that there is a superior version of my life over here and then I think the hardest is a belief in the ability to get there even if you have that that vision of something that might be better and so. I thought I've been I've been basically trying to convince people that the status quo. Socks, and to a lesser degree that there is a superior vision of life over here. But if they don't have that belief in the ability to get their nothing's going to happen. So if you just tell somebody you know, for example, the public school system is Scott all these terrible incentive. There's always reasons that it's bad. They'll shake their head and you can convince them pretty quickly and then if you say you know. homeschooling and run schooling. You know Sudbury model school or some other alternative is this better vision they'll. They might come along with you on that as well, and then they'll kind of walk away and say, so what because they don't know how to get from here to there and so I just I had this realization that. If you start with hey, her something for you give it a try. And if it makes your life back and it makes you more free, you'll want more of it. You don't even need to be intellectually convinced at all. You just choose to live that way without any argument required. And that's kind of to me entrepreneurship, it's creating the alternatives creating kind of world you wanna live in instead of just complaining about what's wrong with the world today so that it took me a lot longer than I wish it did not to go to that place where I realized all of his energy I had was better spent creating new experiences for people. Then merely it doesn't mean I don't WanNa talk about ideas, but then merely talking about the ideas. That makes such good sense to me. You know as I unschooled and allowed my daughter's to self direct their education. So many people said, wow, you're so brave to do that and it looked so risky and. Your tenable to them, and then I would hear them all these. MOMS August saying Oh, I hope it gets a good teacher and I hope they're not bullied because they were asked year. To me they were. Spinning the Roulette Wheel on that one. But so so as you have been able to give you know hundreds of young people, the experience of freedom. That's one thing I'm so excited to talk about today because. Practices and crash are such. Amazing. I'M NOT GONNA say a ballot alternative because I think it's really the most risk-free path into adulthood that I see you know rather than getting tens of thousands of dollars of debt and hope you can get a job on the end of that. So could you tell us a little bit about your path in creating practice and then how out of that you spun crash? Yes. Absolutely. It's funny. I. Just WanNa quickly comment on you said it's. It's risk-free at it's it's really funny I think about this law because. In the kind of. Financial sense or sort of pragmatic sense. Practice in particular is very, very low risk I mean if you get into the program and you do it like pretty much everybody gets a job after the program and the program pays for itself. So the net cost zero. So it's like a very low risk, but it's not risk free at all. In the terms of the price that you pay socially.

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