COVID Conquerors

You Need a Budget


Hello. My name is Jesse can MRS podcast number four, hundred, thirty, nine for wine abner we teach for rules to help us stop even picked paycheck get out of debt and save more money today I, WanNa talk about covert conquerors. So twenty twenty. What do you say? I just wanted to share a cup we get. We. Get people right in and this is a this is a brag. We get people that write in and tell us how wine Abbas changed their life. They actually will say it's a life changer. and. In light of all of the garbage that we've experienced with covid nineteen, I wanted to share just two stories that users written and shared. So. Here's one now I'm sharing this. Fully aware that everyone's situation is unique. I'm Sharon this also. So that, you can see how powerful the four rules are. I want you to see that if you work these rules, your situation will always be better than if you did not work the rules. So we're all in different spots. Infinitely, different spots. And we all. been the cards are dealt the way they're dealt and you. You can't change that. All I'm saying here is if you work the rules. You will make. A. It will be better for you than if you did not. Budgeting makes things better. It's not the end all be all solution to all things. But if you say all else equal this person budgeted, this person did not budget the person that's budgeting. is going to come out better. So I say that because I don't want someone listening saying well, Gosh. I. Wish this. I, wish that listen follow the four rules. Whether you make ten thousand dollars a year or two hundred, thousand dollars a year follow the four rules. Both those people with wildly different resources will be better off if they're budgeting. So here's a quote. Thanks to COVID. Nineteen Sarcastically I should add thanks to over nineteen. My husband took a thirty three percent pay-cut. We didn't know how we're going to survive. Let alone make it if he lost his job altogether. I've always been in charge of the budget. He's never cared much. We discussed we would really need to stick to the budget air quotes from then on his request was I find a budgeting software that told him when he couldn't spend money? It took me thirty minutes to find why not watch videos that explained it and decide that. Why was the way to go I showed him we set it up and eight weeks down the track not only do we have money lasting in the account for the first time ever? We have a small savings account and haven't really even noticed the huge remember that was thirty three percent pay-cut. We cannot think why enough for sorting us out now obviously, this woman and her husband, they did all the work. But I love reading it. Essentially took a huge pay cut didn't know what they could do. She'd always been running the money. He said, well, find something that will help me to not spend when we can't spend their work in the four rules. With. Thirty three percent pay-cut, they're making progress that they didn't make before when they were making that additional money. So. In spite of covert and the thirty three percent pay-cut, they're making progress. It actually spurred them. Think of the things they're learning that. The things they've learned because they were spurred to take action be proactive find the intention, put the money behind the intention and go. That is that is so powerful. Here you have someone's like, how can you possibly be better off after having had your income blocked off by thirty three percent now I don't know what she earns maybe Sheeran's ninety percent of the money, and so I'm just kidding she wouldn't have written if that were the case but. Maybe Sharon's nothing and it was a true thirty percent. I don't know but she didn't share those details what I'm saying is this. You go from Manda. Situation is horrible you in sort of budget into that situation and now the situation is better. Than before better, you know pre covid everything's pre covet everyone about pre vid always our pretty covered. It was this you know. It's insane. So, here we go. Wind up allowed my now spouse and combine our finances when we started living together instead of joint budget for the common areas. Cool are big was to de before getting engaged and having joined budget. How does accountable to each other? Then when we got engaged and married at set the foundation for us to make financial decisions together awesome the decision making together as the key this is Jessie are talking back to the quote we always consoled enlarge purchases stick to our spending money. It confuses people around us, but we're financially set for emergencies like now with covid where I lost my job and we're suddenly on a single income instead of two. We dropped all the discretionary spending still even a little bit of money to have fun with our son like a weekend ice cream and make decisions on what to cut and how much to say with my husband's salary. It's a tool that allows us have a guided visual conversation on our budget, and we both always know where each line item stands. They went from two income to one. And they're still making it in spite of I mean that's that's a crazy lop off of income and they're still they've still been able to make progress.

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