Bad News For Prince Andrew As New Witness Comes Forward

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Let's move onto Prince Andrew can remind us how he started this year. He had been basically sacked from the royal family which we take subduing. He was essentially stripped of all his royal duties after his completely disastrous Newsnight interview y have you decided to talk now? because. There is no good time. To Talk, about Mr Epstein and. All things associated in Andrews Newsnight interview his big defense really aside from the fact that he of how they can't sweat and he's a big patron of the pizza. Express woking is that he didn't really know Jeffrey Epstein he claims he only knew him through his friend Glenn, bloom it through his girlfriend. Back, in nineteen, ninety nine, who an I'd known her since she. In the UK this is all Remember that it was his girlfriend. That was the key element in this he was the. Plus. One to some extent in an expert. You through a birthday party for since girlfriend then Maxwell at Sandringham. No shooting weekend a shooting weeks straightforward straightforward for choosing weekend. Despite the fact you know Jeffrey Epstein was at the Palace went to Epstein. Manson had dinner for him. He stayed with Epstein because because Andrew just couldn't find a central Manhattan hotel he's very convenient epsteins mentioned it was a convenient place to stay. I mean I've gone through this in my mind so many times. At the end of the day. with the benefit of all the hindsight that one can have. It was definitely the wrong thing to do is you say that interview was a disaster foundry and he was forced to withdraw from his rural Gt's I'm imagining heat hopes that would draw a line under the whole thing for him but then in July galet maxwell was arrested. The risks are simply too great. The words of the judge refusing bail this evening to maximum the one time girlfriend an alleged accomplice of the sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, might saw pleaded not guilty the hearing by video link on charges she helped recruit and groom minors as young as fourteen. So she was arrested in her strange though Bolthole and a few weeks later, a bunch of documents unsealed from a two thousand fifteen civil action brought against her by Virginia. Robert Scott Free and price price whose name pops up again it's Jews You know a lot of the allegations in these documents were already known but what is new is the allegation that? Forced Virginia Robert Scott Free to have sex with Prince Andrew as a way to gather incriminating evidence against him. And then on top of that, this month of witnesses come forward claiming to have seen the Duke of York, at trump nightclub on the night he insisted in the Newsnight interview that he was at Pizza Express in woking why would you remember that? So specifically, why would you remember a pizza best birthday in being because going to pizza express in working is an unusual thing for me to do. So he obviously hit denies everything but the circle is definitely tightening around Andrew. US. Law Enforcement has said repeatedly they want to talk to him that he has been cooperative a war of words as I'm sure you know has broken out between Prince Andrew and the US authorities investigating sex offender Jeffrey. Exiting The prince claims that he has offered to help that inquired eat city times but this is something the American prosecutors deny effectively calling him a liar the palace hopefully insisted this is untrue and US law enforcement has repeated it. So this is where we are at the moment. Do you think this puts more pressure on Andrew to cooperate with the investigation? Me The idea of any member of the royal family cooperating Larry's but yes, I mean absolutely. But I mean the fact that he was saying such stuff in that interview emily weightless without realizing how terrible the sounded I mean just shows he has no sense of consequences for his actions. I'm Jay his sin said, he regrets his ill-judged Association with Epstein. But as you point out, these aren't incredibly serious allegations and yet everybody feels like his story that dozen attract as many column, Inches Harry, and Meghan. Let's I think this is the thing when talking about the role families so much tension and I've just done two is focused on Harry Megan and the stupid decisions they make in his make it actually lady Macbeth is very telling for example, the mail there's certain Cole missed the male who I'm not gonNA pollute podcast listener's ears with his name, but he is completely obsessive. Meghan. Markle. Interest. Rates. Endless combs about her I. Don't like to own Andrew or something Sierra. Let's just bear in mind that actually the royal to really be focused on is Andrew

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