Click-Sick: Part 2 The hidden political forces pushing pandemic conspiracies


Them all where there is no connection. This is Dr. John Cook a cognitive scientists from George Mason University in the US and later in understanding why conspiracies drowsy he's Co author of the conspiracy theory handbook and hey, says, a pandemic makes us especially susceptible. One thing that makes people more vulnerable to conspiracy theories is when they feel anxious when the big events swilling around that that make people. Fearful and anxious and pandemic is a particularly good example of that. So psychologically, people already primed and Catherine's friends may have been primed in as to because conspiracies often leverage off our existing anxieties they believed one conspiracy and then sort of start it adopting more or I guess a lot of my friends a lot more open to alternative ways of seeing things but it also them up to believing in things that are not necessarily based in traditional truth and facts and science. When people believe I'm conspiracy theory. I'm willing to believe Allah conspiracy theories. Even. If they don't logically or connecting any narrative kind of way. In generaux conspiratorial thinking is thought time paddle. The reason is because. When you believe a conspiracy theory distrustful of the official chance your distrustful of mainstream institutions and so that prime you to be more distrustful of other mainstream accounts, which is why you often see these conspiracy theories fused together into sprawling into connected stories a phenomenon that some describe as conspiracy collapsible conspiracy fusion. John Cook says it's all about our nate human impulse to make sense of what's hard to explain like this pandemic. The reason why some people are attracted to? The idea of corona virus being cumin caused rather than naturally occurring. Because the natural explanation the. Actual. Is Random. The why the virus transmits to humans is a lot of random chance a lot of rounded mutations in a virus. It's there's just no design. There was a purpose behind it. But humans we are. We evolved we make sense of things through stories and free purpose and meaning, and ironically that means that they psychologically prepare

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