Click-Sick: Part 2 The hidden political forces pushing pandemic conspiracies


I grew up pretty brainwashed. This is Catherine they size she's an artist on Sydney's north shore. But as a kid, she leaves in a very different world in East Germany in the middle of the cold. War Seventies. Germany was divided into two different designs and the Russians aren't became the German Democratic Republic East German soldiers sealed off the line dividing the eastern secular Berlin in. Some leaves. The brutal. Secret Police. and fear of each other skilled workers and educated workers started fleeing the the Russian occupations zone and they would go to the West. It took them I guess twelve years. To brainwash. People in that section. and. That's when they're erected. To West and the notorious. World. Again, to take shape as relative was cut off from relative friend from friend pain. There was the wall but the East German regime also used propaganda and misinformation to divide families friends neighbors. And seed paranoia is that propaganda to Have the people that live there distrust. So botch that they agree to having all build. And that will last you know. Thirty, years. and has done so much damage. Good Morning Berlin Wall is literally tumbling down. Catherine left East Germany in her teens but it took time to undo what she learned under the communist regime I was part of the Little Communists Scout Guild send did older political training. I felt like I had to relearn history. I remember when when someone told me later on that? Stalin killed live millions of people and I was just like I've never heard that that was part of our education Catherine thought she left the paranoia of Kobo, Germany behind her so good. Until Now. Hey. Welcome back to click seek on science friction. Mitchell, and I'm area bogle. This is our series where we hunt down fake health claims and the Homs they can do to our closest relationships and to our own health and today Natasha we going global and getting Jerry political because sometimes it's not just families or friends spreading health misinformation governments can to Andrew, in a pandemic when we skid maybe out of work politically divided we vulnerable. Catherine has been noticing something odd lately some of her friends began sending her a whole bunch of links suggesting the covid nineteen pandemic is part of some giant conspiracy and when ABC put a call out for examples of this kind of misinformation on Social Media Catherine got in touch because her friendships were being tested over what was true and what wasn't. It's really frustrating because. I'm moving apart from. A lot of people 'cause they is no. Common reference anymore it's Catherine worried quote her past be colliding with her present especially growing up in east Germany, another GM but a sole purpose was to. Brainwash you and have you believe in one particular system I find it really upsetting. To See friends getting dragged into this whole world of false information and really becoming convinced and converts. In today's episode, WE'LL REVEAL HOW FEARS ABOUT INFECTIOUS DISEASES can get exploited by powerful political interests, how it's happening now and how it's happened before. Age was discovered I young homosexual men. So you see this in the case of the HIV AIDS, conspiracy theory about it being a biological weapon developed in the United States. the KGB had political goals and spread in there is no cure and it is often fatal historically. One of the really common themes we've seen from China and Russia in particular. Is. The idea that outbreaks are tied to some kind of bio weapon? Those who have had the disease for more than eighteen months or debt. Conspiracy. Theories about health can be powerful tools for those than agenda they can deepen divisions. All Sade Strategic Room is about your political enemies, but they also just create confusion and noise and all on the receiving end of that let Catherine. When a slickly produced ten minute video riddled with conspiracy theories landed in her facebook inbox. My friend she was already overwhelmed people are going to be tracked from the cradle to the grave with microchip implants that digitally store everything there is to know about video was estranged. Malaj. If unsettling museum and archival footage tend to think that the microchip might be the mark of the beast. It says. Scenes employs getting microchips inserted skin people all over the world are doing experimental microchipping with footage from a two thousand, seventeen new story about a Wisconsin company taken out of context to fuel to claim that government's plan to implant us all with microchips so they can control off. Quarantines. Mandatory vaccination and it employs a stack. We'll see theories during the rounds right now the video was created by rock musician or D it had been posted on a facebook page called Flat Earth we contacted od and he stood one hundred percent behind the content of the clear. Refuse to go quietly into the night forces of darkness at work in their restricting light. But what was Catherine's first response to the video? Right? I honestly didn't. Watch. The whole pays and it was sent to me by very, very good friend when Catherine and I catch up, she's just taking her family to get tested for Carbon Detain. And she's clearly frustrated that videos like these have been finding traction with some people she knows and here there are people that believe you know getting a covert swab means that you having. Microchip, implanted into your brain. It's it's mind boggling. In the past I've. Haven't really worry too much about you know someone doesn't believe in the moon landing or has their own thoughts on using alternative medicine but what's happening currently? It has a direct impact on me and the people around me. When people die believe that covert Israel for example, and there will disregard any health recommendations by the government. Some people will be risking other people's lives. Catherine might not have paid much attention to the content of the video, but here's the thing by last count, it had at least twenty million views and has been shared nearly three hundred thousand times. Dominant trait of that kind of video is reinterpreting randomness is taking all these disparate. 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