183 Life Is in the Transitions | Bruce Feiler, 7X NY Times Bestselling Author


Different, and on this episode, we continue our run of legendary authors seven time New York Times bestselling author seven-time Bruce. Feiler is here. Now if you're a first time listener, there's a couple of things you should know First of all our regular listeners have made us award winning chart-topping dialogue podcast in. We're forever. Grateful. But what a dialogue podcast means is What you're about to hear is not what you're used to hearing. It's a real conversation, not a typical interview. as you probably know, interviews are highly produced edited down to sound bites or God forbid value bombs and sliced and diced and served up to you in exactly the narrative that the producers of that show in quotes put together we're the opposite of all that. The experience we hope you have is an eavesdropping experience, and because we're a real dialogue podcast, you will never hear an ad read in the middle of our guest conversations because I don't know if you're like me. But when I'm in the middle of a great conversation, a podcast and I'm ensconced in it, I don't want to hear about Ziprecruiter or whoever godless ziprecruiter. So you're never going to hear that and the conversation you're about to hear with Bruce is frankly. A great example of why we pick the dialogue niche is he bruce is clearly a legendary thinker and writer, and unlike in a normal interview we go deep. He's got a monster new book out called life is in the transitions and it's one of the seminal books of this year I mentioned he's got seven other books one of his other books called Council of DADS and that was made into an NBC show his work has literally been everywhere including good morning. America. The today show Wall Street. Journal New York Times and a bunch of other places on this episode we have a very big conversation about what Bruce Calls Life Quakes Both voluntary life quakes that say when you and I decided to take a new job or get married or moved to a new place or something along those lines and. Involuntary life quake's, for example, the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a divorce, etc.. And Bruce. Actually has some fascinating real research on what percentage of these quakes are voluntary involuntary in our lives and how many were likely to have and most powerfully how we might navigate these radical changes these quakes and turn them into what Bruce Calls life transitions. We also dig deep into why the linear up into the right hero narrative story that we all get told about life is actually bullshit. And we get into see nineteen and why it is actually what routes calls a collective involuntary live quake that because of the size and scope of Covid, the entire world is experiencing at the same time and we dig into much much more and I'll tell you there's a big conversation. So put

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